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Today seventy nations gathered in Paris in a concerted effort to eradicate Israel.  They will lie and deny this of course.  They will claim that Israel has the right to exist as the Jewish homeland, but as they wipe the smirks off their collective faces, it is clear they want the only democracy in the Middle East to disappear.  The sooner, the better.

The Europeans care nothing about the crisis in Syria, the threat of Russia or the military expansion of China.  For Europeans, it is all about that “sh*tty little country,” Israel.  For Europeans, anti-Semitism is like breathing.  It is necessary for survival.

The conference has little to do with the security of Israel or peace.  It has everything to do with the sad state of Europe.

It is ironic the conference was hosted in France.   With its long history of Jew hatred, the French helped create the modern State of Israel.

It was France that put Colonel Alfred Dreyfus on trial at the end of the 19th century.  It didn’t matter that the charges he faced were false.  In their determined and unbridled arrogance, the French did their duty.  They made a spectacle of Dreyfus’ humiliation.  Newspapers around the world sent reporters to cover the trial.  One of them was a Swiss journalist named Theodore Herzl.

Herzl was appalled by the trial.   He knew the only crime Dreyfus committed was being born a Jew.  Herzl realized what many Jews to this day fail to understand.    It doesn’t matter how brilliant, educated or assimilated a Jew is.  It doesn’t matter how loyal or devoted he is to his country.  In the end, he is a Jew and at best, he is an unwanted, but tolerated guest.

Herzl destroyed his health and spent the family fortune in tireless pursuit to establish a Jewish homeland on Jewish soil.

Less than 40 years after Herzl’s death, France along with the rest of Europe would gladly abandon its Jews and willingly participate in the greatest atrocity the world has ever known.

The State of Israel should have been created because Jews are its indigenous people.  Instead it was created from Europe’s guilt and shame.  It is clear Europe is like an old whore.  Its leaders know neither guilt nor shame.

The current Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, says, “France, without Jews is simply unimaginable.”  Yet his government does little to protect its Jewish citizens.

Valls knows what he is unable to admit.  France’s fate, along with the rest of Europe is sealed.

Each year, churches close and mosques thrive.  Women are routinely assaulted, and, politically correct politicians wring their shaking hands.

Europe is dictated to by people who refuse to assimilate and who aim to impose their law and religious practices on nations who generously took them in.

These impotent leaders tell their people they must “learn to accept terrorism,” but they promise to keep Israel secure.  Why would Israel send a representative to a conference dedicated to its own demise by “leaders” who have accepted their own?

The US representative to the conference was Secretary of State, John Kerry.  He promised Israel he would “soften the language” of any proposal.  Who is he kidding?  He spent 70 minutes last week lecturing and lying to us while defending the US position on UN resolution (2334).  The resolution seeks to send Israel back to indefensible borders, strips Israel of its religious sites, Jewish Quarter and much of its Jewish identity. The same man who had the chutzpah to say, “Israel can be Jewish or it can be democratic” seeks to soothe the Jewish people.

Two weeks ago, I walked through the Jewish Quarter and prayed at the Western Wall.  I watched people light their menorah’s reciting the same blessings, in the same language, in the same city, on the same land their ancestors have for nearly two thousand years.

As I walked, I heard Kerry’s words echo in my head and realized I am a criminal.  Our president, the leaders of Europe and John Kerry believe Jerusalem should be as Judenrein as Poland, Latvia or Lithuania.

In their hearts, they don’t care if it happens in the same manner.

Europe has failed its most vulnerable citizens.  Our president and Secretary of State have failed us.  They no longer need Jewish support.

American Jews need to stop bickering about the election and accept the fact that we are no longer relevant.  We are as vulnerable as our European brethren, and if we don’t pull together, we will share their fate.

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