The power of media over refugees crisis

Quotas – yes! Quotas – no! Refugees – welcome! Refugees – don’t come! …Have you ever though what stands behind the diverse opinions on refugees crisis in Europe?

Media. We are all certainly aware of how big role do media play in our lives. Every day newspapers stares at us with their big headlines. Some people buy them, read them, or don’t buy them and  watch the news on the TV or listen to the radio. All of these, complement information of our world overview, provide us with numbers, statistics, and detailed facts. But what happens if media do not complement someone’s lore but create the full knowledge?

I am sure that many of you had seen pictures from a country, a movie about specific place and after you went to visit it by yourself, it just did not look the same. Or heard bad rumors about someone from one source but once listening to another side, realizing the truth is somewhere between. Surely, there are many situations, which are impossible to provide us with the right story. But….

Here we come to the media factor.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” Jim Morrison

And that is one big true! Let’s say tomorrow I will own a newspapers and for the head title I chose: ” The popular supermarket in our city repacks food after the date and tries to sell it again. ” I guarantee that the very next day this supermarket would feel the title by the decrease in its profit. However, it does not hurt anyone right? But what if the title would be: ” Be careful! The refugees coming to our countries are terrorists using the situation to get to Europe!”  Would this hurt anyone? Probably. Do not take me wrong I am not saying that such a possibility does not exist, it does, but it does not apply on everyone.

It has been couple of months that the EU is struggling with the wave of refugees crossing the borders. One of the EU solution is quotas system, meaning the relocation of the asylum – seekers across the block and thereby to relieve the pressure of the migrant crisis in some of the front-line countries. The quotas have not been accepted all over. Neither have been refugees, where in some countries the attacks were held against them. For example a refugees center firebombed in Finland or dozens of them fired in Germany caused by the growth of violent extremism.

People fear the unknown. And let’s be honest, thousands of refugees coming from countries of war to Europe, is for Europeans, field of very tide knowledge. And even the little of this, is about the poverty,tyranny and fights in the countries from which the refugees come from.

I stand on none of the sides, because anything can happen and bad people can be found anywhere and between anyone. However if someone is in the need of help, we should do so in our best. And so should media. Maybe by a small step to publishing information about those people backgrounds, their stories, dreams and wills.

And if not..

Then start to read more, talk between each other, share information, acknowledge yourself more before making any judgments on people’s life and future.

Open your eyes and then imagine it were you…


About the Author
Lucia Krollerova comes from small country in the middle of Europe, bringing a passion for traveling, books, animals, politics and everything that is happening around the world. She is a student at Tel Aviv University's International program.
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