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The problems with African asylum seekers in Israel

Here follow and are explained some of the issues that so complicate the problems with African asylum seekers in Israel. Clarity on each point counts. What will pass the revue: Jews’ hatred, a State of Jewish immigrants, ethnic cleansing, Jews’ uniqueness, Gentiles in Israel, nationalism and militarism, Zionist Arab Israelis, conversion, medical refugees from Gaza and Syria, aware, unaware, illegal and anti-racism, Jewish-Muslim tension inside Israel’s Arab majority, protecting the socially weak, illegal versus foreign workers, and Capitalist greed.

No matter what we do, the Jews and Israel will be condemned, by a small number of rabid Jews haters and by the many naive people who believe their unfounded accusations. Yet, we must do our best, if only for our own moral stature. And not doing enough looks terrible on Israel and gives an opening to anti-Zionists to bud in and make trouble for us.


More than half of the Jews in Israel are immigrants or their offspring. Israel has no trouble absorbing migrants, if … they are Jews.

There are many important cultures and languages. Losing any of them is a loss to all of Mankind – and when done deliberately it constitutes ethnic cleansing. Yet, all people can become Catholic, all of us can make and enjoy pizza and all nations can learn Latin, so specific Peoples do not need to survive. The more intermarriage between Gentiles the marry-er, I would say.

Yet, Jews are a People – the only People – grounded on a mission. We are the only Nation with a raison d’être. Only Jews can practice, learn and understand all of Judaism, and so the Jewish Nation must live on – as the only Nation. This is also for the good of all people, as Jews have as assignment to proliferate our holy moral Lore, which is meant for and important for all of Humanity, not just the Jews.

Israel is not only a State for Jews. We have many Gentiles here and it is patently untrue that we can’t handle that. However, we tend to live separately in our own neighborhoods. We may work together, shop together, sport together, but we try to live, celebrate and marry among ourselves – for good reasons (some secular Jews disagree)! When one appreciates the sacred task of the Jews, one can see that this partition is not racism or ethnic arrogance at all. (On top of that: Gentiles can convert to Judaism if they want to and are able to join in the holy work.)

Unfortunately, the secular State of Israel was seriously lacking (religious) ideals and substituted them with nationalism (and militarism). This may be nice when playing at international sporting events, but for the rest it smacks of superiority, unbecoming of Jews – who need to be humble in order to teach everyone. Yet, there are Zionist Arab Israelis.


There is a clear lack of racism in the medical sector: any patient gets the best care (including medical refugees from Gaza and Syria who may hate Jews); anyone can be a nurse, physiotherapist or physician. This shows our real anti-racist mindset. Yet, there is still much aware and unaware racism in Israel – like in any (semi-) Western country – but no legal racism. There are many Jewish White Israeli activists against racism.

Most Jews in Israel are Arab and not White Western. So Muslim and Jewish Arabs together hold the vast majority in the State. Jews from Arab countries are often less friendly towards Muslim Arabs, though they both have been subjected to racism. This is not racism but rather from resentment because they remember how they were treated when they lived there and needed or wanted to migrate to Israel. And sometimes Nationalism gets mixed in – the greedy: This is OUR land.

When we reject asylum seekers, we are humanly and religiously obligated to be as pleasant as possible. Yet, if we are, we attract instead of deter. As Hebrew Scripture reminds us all the time, to protect the socially weak and disenfranchised.

Many modern societies profit from work from “illegal workers” and legalize them eventually. We’re importing foreign workers all the time. Is there a racist streak in wanting to get rid of the black “illegal” faces? Israel does demand of migrant workers that their stay will be limited.

One cannot withhold work and food from possible illegals and then blame them for stealing and living in parks. Why can’t we feed and house them until their status is determined? The answer: Capitalist greed. The same reason why they are only tolerated in poor neighborhoods.

Conclusion: Israel is not a racist State but especially as the Nation State of the Jews, it should be more pleasant and generous towards Gentile immigrants, even when they are found not eligible for legalization. And we could become less panicky about losing the Jewish majority.

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