The Purim Miracle of Our Times

After eight years of an incredibly frosty relationship between the Obama administration and Netanyahu, and by extension Israel; watching President Trump greet Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wonderful wife Sarah in such a gracious way a few weeks back, was an incredible feeling for those of us in the pro-Israel community. The fact of the matter is that the last eight years have led to a real distance being established between Israel and America. I, Nadia Kiderman, am not a partisan. I don’t lean one way or the other on domestic policy. If anything in fact, I’m more liberal on social issues.

But on Israel it was clear that during the Obama years, there was daylight between the WhiteHouse and the Israeli government. That has since changed. It’s time for us to view President Trump and his administration with fresh lenses. We in the pro-Israel community owe it to the president to give him a chance. I’ve borne the brunt of criticism from my colleagues and associates, who will say “Nadia Kiderman, how can you possibly say anything supportive of such a man as Trump?”

But the reality is, that this president has so far not shown any animus whatsoever to the State of Israel, whereas Obama had shown and expressed clear animosity toward both israel, and its leader. It’s time for us in the pro-Israel community to give President Trump the due he deserves. He brought Prime Minister Netanyahu into the White House and gave him a very courteous and warm welcome. I, Nadia Kiderman, am one member of the pro-Israel community who tips her hat off to President Trump and thanks him. Let’s hope this is the start of a new, fresh and positive chapter to bilateral relations between two countries dearest to our hearts.

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.
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