The Republican Party is embarassing itself

I, by no means, identify as a Democrat. 

Warplanes decorated with rainbow flags are still warplanes.

Kamala Harris was chosen as a token and by no means does she resemble true progress towards equality. 

Democrats are as much leftists as China’s free market a communist regime. 

They’re not, and the party’s goal is to maintain the status quo and keep fighting the Republicans while pretending to represent the common man, the working class. After the Republican debate last week, however, it’s clear that their opponent is most insistent about delegitimizing itself and making voting for a Democrat a sensible choice. 

The debate could only be described as a clown conference, from ChatGPT references to candidates’ pledge to still support Trump to their unanimous consent of abortion bans. In short, the debate gave non-Trump sympathizers a real pain in the you-know-what to choose between a plethora of incompetent ultracapitalistic xenophobes. 

Impossible choice – Iowa cannot come fast enough. 

What I always find interesting in events such as this is how authoritarian Republicans’ policies are. Their party is supposed to consist of the reserved-spending guys, the small-government libertarians. In reality, the opposite, a strongman-like autocracy always seems to emerge from their wishes.

While there are countless, I’ll just use the issue of abortion; an imaginary libertarian government, however impractical and useless it might be, would never restrict abortion access, let alone ban it altogether. 

In Republican speeches and remarks, they’re always the responsible, while Democrats are always the irresponsible spenders; Biden succeeded in the passing of, what, two, three, four significant bills? 

Where’s that huge spending the American people were promised? 

Where are the programs eradicating homelessness, poverty, or the lack of education?

The debate gave the RNC an undivided stage for it to share its platform, and also, crucially, an opportunity to prove that sane, regular people can still vote Republican if they like low taxes and government money being spent in an even more useless way than when Democrats are in charge. 

They did not succeed. When Nikki Haley seems like the most normal person on a stage, that stage is probably filled to the brim with lunatics. And it was. The Republican Party’s chance to represent an alternative to the politically weak, delicate, and fragile Democrats slipped away the instant their candidates opened their mouths. I’m underlining this failure because Democrats, while, in principle, are supposed to exhibit progressive values, give only very small successes to their electorate, thus a populistic platform would probably fare well with the electorate.

Trump is going to prison, and with no alternative in sight, the Republican Party’s career, representing “conservative values”, seems to be heading for a downfall.

Just let me remind the dear reader that since Trump’s election, the GOP has not had a win. Both 2018 and 2020 were a huge loss for them, and let me not bring up 2022 and the expected Red Wave that never came. 

With Biden being hugely unpopular, a Republican win would seem inevitable, if not for the voters’ well-documented dislike of their love for abortion bans. I, for one, expected Biden to lose. 

All that is just to say that we’re heading for a clear tossup in 2024. 

About the Author
Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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