Uriel Vigler

The Revolution of All Revolutions

We are currently living through the greatest revolution to ever hit the world: the AI (artificial intelligence) Revolution. Developments are coming at a dizzying pace—faster than any other changes in history.

Hundreds of years ago, the Industrial Revolution took the world by storm, changing the way we work, travel, and manufacture—all things that are in the realm of “maaseh,” action.

Then came the Digital Revolution or Information Age, which many of us remember, which introduced the very first computers, VHS, tape recorders, CD-roms, internet, and finally smartphones—all of which are in the realm of “dibbur,” speech.

But the most extreme revolution is happening right now, in front of our eyes—the AI Revolution, which encompasses the realm of “machshava,” thought.

Humans have finally figured out how to make a computer think and interact with human intelligence. There is literally no area, no job, that won’t be affected by this. And we’re not talking about 30 years from now. It’s already unfolding.

This week, I spent hours reviewing a book I’m about to publish. It includes all the articles I’ve written over the past 15 years and has taken two years to compile. But with AI, now books can be written in seconds.

The same goes for all the time I spent writing a ketubah for a couple whose marriage I recently officiated. AI will be able to do this for me in a matter of seconds.

Any research or writing task is a piece of cake.

This week, my team spent hours researching potential donors who may be inclined to help our wounded IDF soldiers. With AI, eventually this too will be done in seconds.

Think of the singles crisis … soon AI will be able to reliably tell us who is most compatible with whom! There are programs such as “Met at Chabad” already doing this, but AI will make it that much more sophisticated.

Think of AI being able to identify every potential anti-Semite and terrorist before they’ve had a chance to hurt anyone.

AI will be able to predict and diagnose medical conditions, while also speeding up the discovery, production, and approval process for new treatments and cures.

It’s fascinating, life-changing, but also frightening. So many jobs will change or become redundant. Of course people are scared! Life will look completely different.

But perhaps Hashem put this revolution into play to encourage us to dream bigger.

My dreams, for example, involve fundraising to help our wounded soldiers. But what if we could heal them instead?

What if we could solve every nonprofit’s mission, from hunger to poverty to shelter, clean water, and mental health?

What if instead of just finding matches for singles, we could create technology to help people stay married?

What if we could bring Putin and Zelensky to a meeting where they would resolve their issues and end the war?

What if you could not only stop a terrorist, but change the way he thinks about Jews in the first place?

What if we could cure all illnesses and ensure no one ever dies?

Well, think no more, because Moshiach is on his way and he will herald in the greatest revolution of all—greater even than AI—and all this will become reality in the most unimaginable way!

Maybe, just maybe, that is why G-d has introduced this new AI revolution—to expand our thinking so we can dream further, bigger, broader … dream Moshiach and the final Redemption. It’s already unfolding; may it come to full fruition without delay!

About the Author
Zimbabwean-born Rabbi Uriel Vigler has been directing the Chabad Israel Center of the Upper East Side of Manhattan together with his wife Shevy since 2005. In addition, he founded Belev Echad which helps wounded IDF soldiers. He has a weekly blog on current events. He is the proud father of eight children (including triplets) and leads a very young, vibrant and dynamic community.
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