The Saudi Breakaway Point

Israel has already bolted. It broke away from Obama and his empty promises. The country’s leadership has realized that to place its fate in the hands of Barack Obama would be a fool’s errand. The century’s.

Meanwhile, the Arab countries still rely on personal communications and private assurances to draft their responses to any threat, and this is why John Kerry is visiting Saudi Arabia. His nth message of re-assurances as Iran expands its influence and terror seem to be working for the hapless Saudis. If I recall, there is no Arabic idiom about fooling people all the time.

There is a point when an Arab Gulf or a Saudi breakaway point from Obama will happen because Obama’s lies cannot endure. The message Kerry carries giving assurances that America stands by its allies would sound, by then, as credible as an Eskimo in Riyadh. Under this President, only Iran matters. He has replaced the old allies with one neat bundle of terror.

The question to ask the Saudi leadership is whether it will break away early enough to save itself or too late to save its country. Oil will flow whether al-Saud or al-Hussein rule Saudi Arabia. For Obama, it’s all the same. Iran is what matters to him and I am not talking about a nuclear deal here. I am talking about an ideological stand.

Saudi concerns over a nuclear Iran are misguided. They should be more concerned about Iranian expansionism. Pouf! Riyadh is now controlled by Iran whether Iran gets the bomb or not. Do you think Obama will go to war against Iran to save Saudi Arabia? Don’t make me laugh. Bring Bandar back as head of the Saudi intelligence services. He would see it.

You see, Obama does not want the U.S. to ever again wage a war in the Middle East. If Iran had a firm grip unto the region, no future U.S. President would commit to fighting Iran on so many fronts behind such vast borders. The Middle East is gone. The US has no choice but to ally herself with Iran at a great loss to its interests. This is Obama’s plan. U.S. allies? What allies. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel would be sacrificed.

So far, Saudi patience is not paying off. The leadership has watched Israel’s bravery in breaking away from trusting an untrustworthy president. It is wondering what else can it do without appearing as rebellious. Al-Sauds successfully brought oil prices below the terror par for Iran and Russia, yet the results are long way off in the future. Can King Salman be patient until that future or is he staring at that Saudi breakaway point today?

What does Iran have in store for Saudi Arabia? There is a plan somewhere in some drawer. The day Iran launches that plan, the big fish will eat the smaller one. For King Salman to trust Kerry’s assurances or Obama’s motives is worse than foolish. The GCC must consider breaking away from Obama’s grip to control their destiny. The options are available, the leadership is missing.

While Obama is in office, Iran has expanded its tentacles to control four Arab capitals. What does that tell us about Kerry’s assurances? As valuable as a Russian Ruble. What does that tell us about Obama’s motives? As clear as a politician’s transparency. What does that tell us about al-Sauds? If they do not break away from Obama, then Adieu dynasty.

With Obama, what you see is not what you get. The Israelis understood it better than anyone did. I hope that the Saudis are fast getting there.

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