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The Secret Forest – all-inclusive wellness vacation in Cyprus

Secret Forest, photo: T. Sharon
Secret Forest, photo: T. Sharon

The Secret Forest is a wellness estate that offers full board packed with activities. The stay here is all-inclusive, for adults only. It is the perfect place to immerse in activities without thinking too much, just enjoying everything the place has to offer – and it has a lot!

We arrived at the Secret Forest at dusk. The driver dropped us off at the entrance – in principle there is no entry for cars. We walked along the access road and were already enchanted. All around there were Greek style stone houses, orange and olive trees, herbs and flowers, and above all – calm and quiet. In the lobby there is a library and a tea corner – very tranquil. The room given to us is in the main building. A spacious room with a large bathtub and a balcony surrounded by vegetation and flowers. The room has everything one needs – boutique toiletries, a refrigerator with cold water, an espresso machine, fruits and nuts. They even provided a power adapter. Only the TV is not working – and that’s on purpose. For me it is a significant advantage – I like quiet. The Secret Forest has a variety of rooms and villas, some of which are outside the hotel complex but have complete privacy and access to all hotel services.

Secret Forest, photo: T. Sharon

The dining room and bar are located in the main building near the pool, which allows for sitting inside in the air condition or outside by the pool. The weather is somewhat cooler than in Israel, so it’s pleasant and fun to sit outside in the early morning and in the evening. The food here is kosher and healthy, and includes dairy and fish plates.  Lots of vegetables and salads are served here; a significant part of the food is vegan. At breakfast, Dana, the chef, prepares an omelette upon request. Lunch is an especially light meal and in the evening the main course is fish.  Fruit are served at every meal and in the evening there is also a sweet dessert, often with quality bittersweet dark chocolate. One advantage is that these meals are light so we could go back to all the activities quite quickly. While the food is health-focused, there are plenty of treats here, including free drinks included – wine, cocktails, beer, juice, coffee and tea and even smoothies and sorbet.

The Secret Forest facilities include pools, sulfur pools with massage jets, and a full spa with several types of saunas. There is a variety of sports activities with meditation, yoga classes, Pilates, and aerobics every morning. There are fitness equipment, free bikes and nature walks. In addition, there are various alternating workshops such as reversing, mindfulness, acro-yoga for couples, stretching for couples, and more. In between, there are lectures, when we were there, Michal Tzafir lectured on healthy living (many activities are in Hebrew).

Secret Forest, photo: T. Sharon

In terms of recreation and entertainment, there were concept meals, for example, dinner at the wine cellar and an evening with a Greek entertainment. Every evening there were concerts in the hotel’s bar and some are outside. The service here is exceptional. The staff is extremely helpful and takes care of every little thing above and beyond!

The activities offered included also trips from the hotel to nearby villages and trips in Cyprus at no extra charge. So we went on a lovely boat trip to the Blue Lagoon and on a jeep trip to the Adonis spring.  The trips and activities change from week to week and depend of course on the season and weather. It turns out that it is possible to order a shuttle from the villa to the hotel in an electric golf cart.

Being in the Secret forest is much more than a vacation and recreation, people here are happy! Everyone is smiling here! There is a social dynamic here where people enjoy talking, communicating and sharing. A really unique vacation!

The Secret Forest, Miliou, Cyprus

The author was a guest of the Secret Forest

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