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The Seventh Heaven: Meeting the New Comings

Meeting the New Comings of the Divine Masters. Source:

In the system of the great Kabbalist Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, the Sefirah Hesed is connected with the Fifth Heaven (Hesed-Gevura-Tiferet), called Maon (Dwelling). In the accepted system of Ten Heavens, the Sefirah Tiferet is the basis of the Fifth Heaven,  the Sefirah Gevura is the basis of the Sixth Heaven, while the Sefirah Hesed (of Mercy and Love) is the basis of the Seventh Heaven.

The Divine Blessing, connected with the Sefirah Hesed, is to meet the New Manifestation of the Divine Masters and to receive the Crown of Initiations. For the recreation of the world, the CREATOR activates the entire Messianic Line of the completed Indo-European cycle and initiates the New Manifestation of the Divine Masters and their Feminine Partners as the impulse for the New Messianic Line. All of them radiate simultaneously from Metatron, carrying Divine Grace and a New Initiation for the wholeness of the Heavenly Jerusalem, but in accordance with their own tradition. They are like demiurgic rays of Divine Light, Love, Wisdom and Truth, emanating from the Throne of  G-d, which penetrate all three worlds of Creation – from the highest Divine world, through the Angelic world, up to our earthly, material world.

The majestic Light of the New Messianic Line  will elevate humankind and will materialize the essence of the new cosmic cycle of evolution. This cosmic cycle is in the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem, with a New Heaven and a New Earth, established on Earth. This indicates that humankind as a whole has already outgrown the level of one or another earthly religion (in the World of Asiyah), has made significant progress in its spiritual path of ascension to the higher worlds (in the World of Yetzirah), and has reached the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem (in the World of Beriah).

In order to live in the new Heavenly Jerusalem cosmic cycle of evolution and to co-create with G-d, the human beings have to meet the New Comings of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the World Feminine on an etheric level. This time they are appearing simultaneously from Metatron because all of them participate in the New Creation. Each of the Masters brings a new Initiation, and the Manifestations of Divine Feminine receive a new spiritual mission in connection with the mystery of the Divine Wedding, through which G-d creates everything new. The new Initiations are connected with appreciation of the wholeness of the Kingdom of God, but from their own unique perspective. The result of this universal multidimensional integration of all new Initiations is a dynamic unity in diversity, because all of them integrate the same monotheistic reality of the Kingdom of God, and diversity in unity because each one of them integrates the others differently.

An example of meeting the Divine Masters and the Manifestations of the Divine Feminine on an etheric level is the Revelation of St. John. In the very first chapter of his Revelation (1:10), when he was lifted up by the Spirit, St. John saw the Cosmic Christ as a Personification of Metatron . In fact, the whole of St. John’s Book of Revelation about the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem, with the New Heaven and the New Earth, and about the Second Coming of Christ, begins with this vision. Our meetings of the Divine Masters on etheric level also will be a constant process of communion and co-creation with them. We have to experience the  Manifestation of the Divine Masters from the New Messianic Line through similar transcendental visions like those of St. John in his Book of Revelation.

In the Seventh Heaven, the Masters, according to their promises,  can appear before us at any level of Creation, but regardless of their actual manifestations, they will proclaim the wholeness of the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem on both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. For instance:

–  The Hebrew Messiah will come to lead the New Exodus of representatives of all world religions to the World of Creation, Beriah, (with Ten Heavens) and will inaugurate the Third Temple – the whole Universe as a Divine Temple;

– Zoroaster may manifest in the heavenly worlds as an inner Guide within our Souls and Spirits and will reveal the mystery of the great cosmic-spiritual Sun which gives eternal Light to all of Creation;

– The coming of Maitreya-Buddha will result in a great, staggering new Enlightenment revealing the totality of all existence and embracing the past, the present and the future of humankind;

– The Cosmic Christ, the Son of Man will appear, coming on the clouds with great power and glory (Mark 13:26), i.e. He will appear in His universal body, in the highest Divine world, as the Light of the New Creation;

– The Imam Mahdi, up to now in occultation, will reveal himself to the Initiates and will lead them on an emotional spiritual journey (similar to the Night Journey of Muhammad) through the whole vertical structure of Creation  up to the Garden of Truth;

– The Divine guru Ramakrishna was an embodiment of the Spirits of Rama and Krishna and in his New Appearance, he can even become a manifestation of the Spirits of many Masters from different traditions in order to confirm the absolute monotheistic mystical unity of all religions, while the Divine Guru Balaji will include the Initiates in his legendary group in the Spiritual Himalayas;

– The World Teacher Beinsa Douno will introduce them into the great celestial school of the Universal Brotherhood.

So, the Seventh Heaven opens new horizons for human evolution by integrating the results of various spiritual paths into a qualitatively new type of enlightenment – receiving a Crown of Initiations  for the Heavenly-Jerusalem  cycle. Through it the Initiates enter into a qualitatively new state of cosmic consciousness in which there is balance, synchronization and complete harmony between all archetypal polarities in Creation: between Masculine and Feminine Divine principles, earthly and celestial forces,  micro and macro, inner and outer planes of existence, between the past, present and future in human history, between east and west, north and south in human cultures and so on. For this purpose, they have to develop the qualities that will enable them to integrate all the various initiations.

In general, as we ascend to the top of the Sacred Mountain, our Divine Self awakens in a certain way and we receive Initiation. All paths trigger the same process of Divine awakening, but are based on different spiritual abilities required by the particular path. So, in order to receive the Crown of Initiations and to contemplate the wholeness of the Kingdom of God from different perspectives, we have to develop, based on the results of our Second Resurrection (in the Fifth Heaven) and overcoming many trials and challenges (following the tests of the Pentagram in the Sixth Heaven), many new spiritual qualities related to the activation of various Divine archetypes. Mystical comprehension of the opposing, yet complementary Divine archetypes, requires the development of different spiritual abilities. For instance, in order to enter into the spiritual Universe through the microcosmic or macrocosmic gates, we have, on the one hand, to develop the ability to focus on the smallest ‘quantums of consciousness’ (as in Buddhism) and, on the other hand, to become able to comprehend the evolution of every form of life over thousands of years (as in the initiation of the Master Beinsa Douno). Thus the integration of various initiations in the spiritual history of humankind opens new horizons for the evolution of the Human Being.

Those who have reached the Seventh Heaven will meet the new coming of the Divine Masters and the personifications of the Divine Feminine and will receive their new Initiations for co-creation with God.  This will happen in emotional spiritual events similar to those of the First Coming of the Masters. Let us remember here the priests and the elders around Moses, the disciples around Buddha, the apostles around Christ, the friends around Muhammad, the first disciples around the Master Beinsa Douno and many other emotional stories connected with the coming of the great Divine Masters. In the Seventh Heaven, after receiving the Crown of Initiations, the participants will experience similar, even more sublime events, in connection with the Second Coming, or the New Manifestation of the Masters and the Personifications of Divine Feminine.

It is hard to imagine a more emotional and inspiring spiritual work here on Earth than this one connected with meeting the New Coming of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine. This will be a mystical closure of the old Hindu-European cycle in the history of humankind and entry into the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle, unfolding in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. In essence this means to participate in the mysteries of the Divine Wedding in Heaven, as a result of which the New Reality comes into existence, and to Co-create with G-d.

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Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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