The shocking propaganda

Since 7th October I have woken up from a naive slumber (having a child at war in Gaza will do that to you). One of the most distressing things I have seen is the world’s reaction to the crime committed. As a Jew born in the UK with very moderate values – I truly believe in everyone being treated equally and I have raised my children not to hate – I have seen the true nature of the enemy and it appals me. 

I will continue to fight extremism on our side – I truly believe it is not the Jewish way. As Rabbi Sacks said: “Between Judaism and Islam there can be friendship and mutual respect. Avraham loved both his sons, and was laid to rest by both. There is hope for the future in this story of the past.”

After a lot of soul searching, however, I am starting to face up to the enormity of the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish lobby and associated propaganda.

In the last two days, I came across a website (it is easy to fact check it but I don’t want to advertise it) which is a very popular Islamist (note not Islamic but Islamist) website dedicated to “pore through the texts of other religions and see if they can stand up to the same scrutiny they aim towards Islam.” Its videos get hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and its website has millions of hits.

I saw 4 articles on the website – all very recent – all lean into biblical references of Amalek and modern exceptions such as Baruch Goldstein etc and make the following claims which I have seen on site after site.

Article: Preservation of Monotheism: Islam vs. Judaism

Islam is a religion based on faithful preservation of past scriptures and teachings. Judaism is a religion based on lying about and altering past scriptures and teachings.

It is important to keep these facts in mind when considering why Jews are so often atheists. Being a Jew is only possible so long one lies about or hides the history of Jewish scriptures and religious teachings. An honest examination of these things leads us to conclude that Judaism is, to a large extent, polytheism and paganism, with features like demonic worship. When Jews realize this, they know there are only two options: hide the truth or commit apostasy.

Article: The Extreme Anti-Black Racism of Judaism

Judaism is perhaps the world’s most racist religion. Owing to the influence of Judaism, Israel is one of the most racist states in the world, and has implemented a system of extreme apartheid under which Palestinians and others suffer.

Article “Is ISIS Jewish” includes the following:

“ISIS acts in keeping with the Jewish law of war. This is why ISIS encourages random individuals to constantly burst into churches and even mosques, then kill the innocent men, women, and children there by shooting or bombing (like the recent church attack in Turkey).

As I have explained many times, the most likely explanation for ISIS’s behavior is that it is run by Israel.

But even if ISIS is not run by Israel, they deserve heavy blame for leaving the rules of Islam, and adopting the type of disgusting tactics approved of in Judaism.”

Article: Do You Condemn October 7th? 

 ….It is obvious that the Muslims are the ones being attacked and that the aggressor is the Zionist state of Israel—a Western neocolonial project concocted to wrestle the Holy Land out of the grasp of the Muslims and into the hands of the unbelievers.

Therefore, there can be no doubt that the Muslims of Palestine are waging a legitimate defensive jihad against the colonialist aggressor.

I hope for two things:

  • We stay authentic to the Judaism I know to be compassionate and life affirming adn don’t emulate or react to these views with similar behavior
  • We don’t pretend and support the view that this is about Israel and Zionists – this is about Jews and the Jewish State

It is important we, our supporters, those on the fence understand the reality. In a recent project of MEMRI  -a Middle East monnitoring group:

“Since October 7, 2023, when Hamas invaded southern Israel, murdered over 1,200 people, and took nearly 250 hostage, the MEMRI research team that monitors Imams’ sermons in mosques in the U.S. as well as speeches and statements by U.S. Muslim leaders and organizations has been finding, and exposing, some very disturbing content.

This content has included antisemitic and pro-Hamas statements, expressions of support for the October 7 attacks and calls for further violence, denial of the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas, and anti-Israel and anti-U.S. statements.

It is notable that in our extensive monitoring, our researchers have not found a single sermon denouncing Hamas or the October 7 attacks.”

I pray that this nightmare soon ends, but it is clearly part of a wider play and we must be strong.

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I live in Yad Binyamin having made Aliyah 17 years ago from London. I have an amazing wife and kids including a son in Special Forces and two daughters, one soon to start uni and one in high school. A partner of a global consulting firm and a Parkinson's patient and advocate.
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