Benjamin Jaffe

The Smartest Virus in History

Once upon a time, people went to college to “expand their horizons” and gain actual knowledge and know-how about functioning as productive members of society. We socialized with others and learned from others. We looked up to professors as sources of knowledge rather than the sources of fanatical politics which they emanate today.

Today, sadly, those golden days on college campuses are long gone. A virus has taken hold of many of our higher education institutions; The Virus of Antisemitism. However, make no mistake! This is not some virus that is always a clear and present danger. No, this virus is much more sophisticated than COVID. It is more intelligent than any pandemic we have ever encountered. It knows how to disguise itself to avoid having action taken against it to stop its spread. This virus wears an ideological cloak, a cloak known as “Anti-Zionism.”

Daily, on supposedly elite college campuses, places where the most intelligent minds are supposed to meet, claims that anti-Zionism and “Just opposing Israel’s right to exist” are not antisemitism. They claim that it is baseless to say that calling for Palestine to be liberated “From the River to the sea” and concurrently driving out the Jews in Israel is somehow antisemitism. They maintain that the Jewish State should not be permitted to defend itself because, after all, it never had a right to exist anyway.

BDS, the main superspreader of the Antisemitism Virus on college campuses, is a master at deception and trickery. It has convinced hundreds of thousands of good-hearted college students to ignore the indisputable fact that Jews have the oldest continuous claim to the land of Israel, a fact that is backed up by countless archeological discoveries and ancient literature from many ancient civilizations. However, BDS knows that history and facts are not on their side, so the facts must be turned into fiction and history remolded until it fits their narrative. It is eerily reminiscent of Josef Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany, saying, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Well, Mr. Goebbels, it looks like you were actually right about something!

Yet despite how open they are regarding twisting the facts and ignoring history, so far, it has worked with a frightening level of success. More and more students every year are becoming infected by BDS superspreaders on their campuses.

As an Israeli who believes in Israel’s democratic system, I find it essential to remind those reading this of the difference between legitimate criticism of the Israeli government and anti-Zionism/Semitism. As citizens, every Israeli, whether Jewish or Muslim, has the right to protest and criticize government policies they disagree with. Disagreeing with Israel’s military presence in the West Bank is not inherently anti-Zionist. It is a legitimate political opinion, assuming that the opinion in question is based on facts rather than the falsehoods and fantasies that BDS and other superspreaders of the Antisemitism Virus push.

Factual critique, checks and balances, and Israel’s free media help ensure that Israel does not devolve into the very authoritarian regime that BDS claims it is. One could even go far as to call it Zionist to critique Israel and help it be the very best nation that it can be. BDS, however, has not, is not, and will never be engaged in this sort of constructive criticism of Israel. BDS is a modern-day Soviet-type propaganda machine and routinely spins facts and history to discredit Israel’s right to exist and then cries wolf when it is accused of antisemitism for it.

BDS superspreaders have shown their symptoms of being infected with the Antisemitism Virus countless times. They regularly harass Jewish groups and individuals on campuses, claiming that one cannot be a good Jew while supporting Israel’s right to exist. They then discredit their rebukes by labeling anyone who questions them as white supremacists and racists. Those who dare to take a stand to stop the spread of the Antisemitism Virus by BDS often find themselves being ostracized by their infected professors and threatened with being failed in their classes. They face significant physical intimidation at the hands of infected students daily. To the infected, you must comply, no matter how obscene their cause is. Failure to comply with them is unacceptable, and those who dare to do so are fair game to psychological and physical bullying.

The Antisemitism Virus is spreading faster than ever through college campuses and, consequently, the United States as a whole. Year after year, the ADL reports rising rates of antisemitism and the FBI that hate crimes against Jews make up over half of reported hate crimes in the United States despite comprising less than two percent of the U.S population. BDS superspreaders are directly complicit in infecting the younger generations with the Antisemitism Virus, and their veils of “human rights” and “social justice” are a thin disguise. If we continue to turn a blind eye to the spread of this virus, it will ultimately metastasize enough that the hate it pushes will become accepted as reality. This virus will not go away on its own. It compels us to stand up and stop its spread proactively, and until campus officials realize that, it will only continue to snowball and infect more students and professors.

About the Author
Benjamin Jaffe currently lives in Jerusalem and is a nursing student at Machon Lev College.
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