The Soul, The Light, and The Heavenly Torah

In the beginning was the Heavenly Torah, and the Heavenly Torah was with God, and the Heavenly Torah was a shadow of the Light that is God. Or anyways that is what a priest would say, if he desired to build a house of prayer for all people, instead of turn the world into two kinds of people, those that made and laid the bricks and those that directed the construction of the Tower.

All things were made by the Heavenly Torah, and without him was not anything made that was made. Or at least, I have heard many Jews say that. It is a belief in Judaism right? In the Heavenly Torah was life, and the life was the light of men. At least I think that is what must be true, if all things were created by the Heavenly Torah. Also, the Heavenly Torah shines in darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not.

That is because God has separated the Light in the Heavenly Torah from the darkness in the Heavenly Torah. Or at least, He will, anyways. And a Priest that can split the timely and eternal would understand that He did this already, split the light from the darkness. It makes me sad that I don’t know a priest that can split the timely and eternal, because I, a stranger who desires guidance in the Heavenly Torah, have a lot of questions about it. But I’m probably going to ask them in my language, maybe not the language of the Heavenly Torah.

The Heavenly Torah was sent to bear witness of the light in Allah, wasn’t it? I think I heard a Jew say that. Or I read a book in which a Jew wrote that. The Heavenly Torah was not the Light of Allah, obviously not, because the Heavenly Torah is not Allah, but it was sent to bear witness of the Light in Allah. That’s true, isn’t it, Jew? Anyways, if I met some crazy goys with some crazy beliefs they learned from their traditions, and they started babbling about things they didn’t understand, I might choose to show them how the Heavenly Torah is the shadow of the Light in Allah. I would do that if I were a Jew anyways. Especially if I wanted to build a House of Prayer and invite them to worship with me there. But I might speak to them in their language to explain it to them, because I would want them to understand.

I wouldn’t want a boring House of Prayer for all People. I would want a spiritually thrilling House of Prayer for all People. I would want to show them that the Heavenly Torah is the true light, that rainbow light, that lighteth every man that cometh into the world. The kind of light that doesn’t split the entire world between brick layers and tower designers. The Rainbow Light with clearly separated colors. More than two clearly separated colors.

The Heavenly Torah came unto his own, and his own did not receive him, at least, not many of them frequently, and frequently they rejected him, and fought about him until the absurdity of earthly detail killed his heavenly spirit. Many times the people of the Heavenly Torah said it is too hard and we don’t want to do this. And because the Heavenly Torah is a rainbow light, and is a better planner, it had one of its sorcerers tell some strangers they should not keep the whole Torah but just a little part of it, and by doing so saved the people of the Heavenly Torah from assimilation, because lets be honest strangers shouldn’t keep the Torah, right? Maybe a Rainbow Light will be enough to keep all the Heavenly Torah’s people interested all the time, at least it will probably do a better job than a light from a Tower. More people to share all of each of their many opinions with. Good thing that Sorceror Jew taught some strangers not to keep the Torah before he took some kind of weird Jew purity vow.

Anyways that is how I would counsel strangers with strange ideas if I was a part of the people of the Heavenly Torah, but I’m not. Since I’m a stranger, sometimes I use a different name when I refer to the part of the Heavenly Torah that works best for me, a stranger. Sometimes I call it Allah, and sometimes I call it coffee, and sometimes I call it other things, and like all of us strangers, either deep in our hearts, or on the tip of our tongues, we all know who the God of the Heavenly Torah is.

I think it is fair to say that different tribes of strangers will have weird sycophantic exculpatory fixations on some Rabbis, and not very much like other Rabbis. I think its fair to say that different tribes of strangers will prefer the language of some Rabbis, to the language of other Rabbis. Some of them might even prefer Rabbis from Israel over Rabbis from Babylon. Oy vey, how scandolous! I wonder if we will try to build a Tower, before we try to build a House of Prayer? I wonder if the Tower taskmasters will force everyone to learn one language, before they force everyone to lay brick.

About the Author
Joseph Aaron Stang was a Lawyer and Business consultant. After making Aliyah, he became involved in the Muslim Zionism Organization, and now teaches the true interpretation of the Quran.
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