The Spiritual Aspect to Us All

To each of us, as the Torah teaches, there is both a physical being and a spiritual being. We all know that we are only on this earth for a limited and temporary period of time. But our time in the world to come is permanent. Although we all know that, I will speak for myself, Nadia Kiderman when I say, that I rarely take the time to internalize what that means for my day to day life.

Let’s be clear. We’re all guilty of this transgression. Of not keeping our priorities straight. Of focusing on the superficial; rather than on that which truly matters. There’s a famous parable concerning the famed Reichman family from Toronto that illustrates the following point, which is that we take nothing of material value with us to the grave. And although deep down, we all know this to be a reality, do we really lead our lives with this ingrained in our minds?

We collectively need to invest more energy and effort into realizing that our jobs, incomes and all things material may make life easier; but not necessarily better. What truly are impactful are the good deeds we commit for others.

Hopefully this message will reach someone in the Times of Israel audience, but if it merely helps Nadia Kiderman then, albeit somewhat selfishly, it will have been worth it. It’s a message that I hope to write more about in my following blogposts. The true meaning of life isn’t about ascertaining as much materialistic objects as one can imagine; instead, it is about doing good. For that, is what you and we all, will be remembered for.

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.
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