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The Sukkot Week Perfect Entertaining Bar With Cindy’s Corners

The meals, the Simchat Beit Hashoevas, the fundraisers and book clubs, and of course the mitzvahs of L’Chaims leading up to Simchat Torah 2018 on Monday, October 1st means lots of opportunities for hosts to “show off” their talents not only in the kitchen, but also as bartenders.

This is a great time to show support to our kosher retailers, and the great kosher wineries and distilleries around the world. It is a opportune time to fight the BDS movement by purchasing goods from the areas of Judea and Samaria. I suggest you call anyone who invites you for a meal in their Sukkah and ask them what liquor they would like as a hostess gift.

Here are some of my tips to prepping, making and serving like a pro:


*Planning a stocked bar and serving signature takes time, some budgeting and creative thinking.
*Plan out your meals first, as some mixed drinks you might want to serve include dairy products.
*Remember to plan “mock tails” or non alcoholic drinks for children or nondrinkers.
*Serving and the presentation of drinks is just as important as the taste.
Buy disposable stemware for all kinds of drinks. It makes life easier.
Buy or take out platters, pitchers, toothpicks and serveware for sliced lemons, limes, olives or any other additions.
Buy assorted salts, sprinkles, sugars and syrups to rim the glasses with.
Make sure you have shakers and stirrers.
Buy a picture frame and design a cute drink menu with several “signature” drinks like a Sukkatini, Lulavit Cocktail, or a Hut In A Glass. Be Creative, Make it FUN, even for non alcoholic drinks!
Think out-of-the-box. Coffees, teas, mimosas and bloody Mary’s are not reserved for brunch. It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere!’
Buy bags of ice, or be creative and purchase ice cube molds in different shapes. Take them up a notch a fill with edible flowers, berries, even some liquor!!
Keep on hand cinnamon sticks and spices like rosemary twigs, cloves and mint. Somehow, they get used, even in ice cubes.
Buy an assortment of juices, a coconut or almond milk to keep drinks parve, seltzers, sodas, and sparkling grape juices for recipes other drink options.
Prepare a crudités platter with some simple dips. Don’t let someone drink on an empty stomach.
Color coordinate drinks to your Sukkah and table theme and decor.

Once you plan, then you buy and prepare accordingly.

Recipes, Wine Choices and Serving

There was a time when kosher households were limited on quality liquors, but no more. Support your local kosher stores and ask for suggestions on flavored vodkas, liquors and even recipes. You can always contact the Royal Wine Corp online for assistance.

This year, my signature drink will be a Rose Sangria I came calling my “Blush In A Hut.”
I made with the following:
Psagot Rose Wine
Binyamina Sour Apple Liqueur
Montell Orange Liqueur
Spice/Fruit Bits from Machane Yehuda
Sliced Green and Red Apples

My other signature drink is my “Esrog Spicy Margarita”
I made with the following:
Cava Tequila
Morad Winery Esrog Liqueur
Fresh lime juice
Simple Syrip– I make mine with Stevia

I always have on hand my overnight Mixed Mocha Coffee, made in 3 versions, one with chocolate liqueur and expresso vodka, one with liquors and decaf coffee, and one decaf with no liquors

I serve all with chocolate covered expresso beans.

2 liters of milk of your choice
2 tbsp instant espresso coffee-or coffee of your choice
1 cup boiling water
1/2 tsp vanilla -use pure
1/2 cup sugar of choice or stevia equivalent
2 tsp chocolate syrup — you can use sugar free or a sugar free mocha syrup

Options of tbsp of each alcoholic liqueur used

After you combine all ingredients well, freeze overnight. Defrost the next morning or about 5 hours before use.

Here is the website for Royal Wine Corp.:

Have a memorable time with your drinks and guests. Remember to serve drinks responsibly, as you are accountable for your visitors safety and health.

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