The Supreme Court Sends Israel into an Existential Crisis

Earlier today, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that they would recognize non-Halachic “conversions” for the purposes of immigration, sending Israel into an existential crisis, placing Israel in a crossroads between abandoning its Jewish nation character entirely or standing up for it to a greater degree than ever before.

Allowing this ruling to stand would mean the end of Israel as we know it. Economic migrants converted through the illegitimate processes of these illegitimate bodies will migrate to Israel in significant numbers. They will create a fifth column of non-Jews in the Jewish state with no appreciation for the religious and national heritage we seek to conserve or the Jewish society we seek to enjoy.

They will not be recognized as Jewish by the Rabbinate, nor should they, and they will not be able to participate in Jewish rituals like marriage and will not be considered halachically bound by Jewish law. Their resentment towards Jewish heritage and the Jewish people will build and spread out of bitterness towards Jewish authorities and the restrictions brought by Jewish law, to which they will not be able to relate.

Before long, a significant class of non-Jewish full citizens with full voting rights will emerge, complete with antipathy towards Jewish tradition, the Jewish people, and the Jewish state. This antipathy will spread even within our people, creating a larger coalition of malicious outsiders and masochistic insiders.

Baseless hatred, the sinat chinam that arose between Jews and brought down the Temple, will rise again and bring down the State of Israel from within. The downfall of Israel will not be an Arab legion or an Iranian nuclear warhead but the introduction of fifth columns and the breakdown of Jewish society that will follow.

That is the first option; to let the liberal forces of the Israeli judiciary use their waning power in one final, unopposed blow that will lead direction to the Balkanization and destruction of the state of Israel and catastrophe for the Jewish people.

Then, there is the second option; fight. The forces at least somewhat sympathetic to Jewish national-religious tradition are stronger, more dominant in the Israeli body politic. In elected office, the six parties that represent this bloc (Likud, New Hope, Yamina, UTJ, Shas, and RZP) will earn more than 70 seats. There is no excuse.

As Edmund Burke famously said, “when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” History is full of these examples, of good men in positions of power failing to act early or at all against rising threats and failing to protect the people whose duty it was for them to protect.

Make no mistake, this issue will be the battle line for Israeli politics for the foreseeable future. Lieberman, once part of the national camp, has chosen his side with the liberals. Lapid, who once seeked to portray himself as a reasonable, measured centrist, has chosen his side with the liberals.

The new national-traditional camp of Likud, New Hope, Yamina, UTJ, Shas, and RZP must rise united, united enough at least to effectively oppose this catastrophic judicial decree. These leaders must set everything else aside, personal issues, squabbles over leadership, bickering over governmental positions, to set up an immediate, effective measure to stop the bleeding before the patient is dead.

So far, Naftali Bennett has taken the lead. On Twitter, Bennett rightly decried the move as judicial overreach, promising judicial reform and legislation to recognize legitimate, and only legitimate, conversions in the next government. Contrast Bennett to Netanyahu or Sa’ar, who so far have both declined to comment on the situation.

Bennett represents the kind of leadership Israel needs right now, to save the state, to save the Jewish people. From today, there is one imperative; to stand up now and fight. Fight, or else we will soon find ourselves under a migrant invasion of non-Jews, our majority in our own nation reduced to a memory, our culture drowned in a sea of foreign antipathy, the dream of Herzl reduced to the margins of history, our unity destroyed and divided, and the state of Israel, the lone Jewish state, reduced to a nationless bureaucratic zone.

About the Author
Jesse Edberg is a spokesman for Yamina where he is specifically charged with running English-language youth engagement. While graduating from the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in 2020 and studying at the Tulane University of Louisiana, Edberg has also served on several American campaigns, most notably Larry Hogan's successful 2018 gubernatorial reelection bid, and has written for several online publications.
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