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The Swedish fail

Sweden has per today 3,992 deaths. By the time this post gets published, Sweden will likely have hit the 4000-marker.

I’m surprised, a bit upset and fairly anxious. I came from Corona-lockdown in Spain and now I’m facing this — the highest infection — and death rate per capita in a democratic, functioning first-world country.

Belgium perhaps tops Sweden but irregardless when other countries are slowly opening up – I experience continued uncertainty and vigilance. I could never expect this, Sweden at this stage messing up massively. For now. There is talks of a second wave hitting countries opening up, at the end of the summer. But to be honest – right now the numbers don’t lie. At least not Swedish numbers. Italy under-reported about 20,000 deaths. I’m a bit uncomfortable here right now, some say the first wave hasn’t even made it to my region yet.

No matter what it seems lockdown worked for now, but is the virus gone? No – absolutely not. Travel, gatherings and not keeping social distance seems to be the perfect storm. I’m happy to stay at home this summer. Vacation in my garden – it actually makes me productive, instead of spending money on Italian speeding tickets.

Another thing that’s still bothering me is Sweden’s hardcore anti-mask policy among the general population. How hard can it be to tell people to wear a mask when in public? At times where about ~80 people/day succumbs to the virus. Just make it happen.

Someone said Sweden tried to contain Corona while keeping the society open, while other countries shut down in order to contain it.

I have zero clue of what’s right or wrong. Apparently the Swedish economy is fairing way better to others. Fewer unemployed, fewer business going bankrupt, less people suffering when looking at their bank accounts.

On the other hand – while I don’t have to worry about my job, I instead worry about the pandemic.

There is a saying that says “The one who saves one life, saves the entire mankind”. I tend to agree. Even though the majority of deaths has been in the age-span of 60-100 – they still had a life to live. They are now confined to their homes, ordering food deliveries from the local Supermarket. They have basically been locked in since it all kicked off in the end of February 2020. Now what kind of life is that?

Another thing that annoys and worries me massively is domestic abuse coupled to the pandemic restrictions. There is no secret that when a violent partner is stuck at home together with his victim(s), the number of abuses sky-rockets. This includes abuse of all sorts – verbal, violent and sexual. This affect children as well, either being witness to the abuse or being the target of this poison.

Some of you will pick on me – don’t mix up a pandemic with a social problem, think about the families suffering from the death of someone due to Corona – or any other death. But this is the world most of us live in and have to fix.

As usual – women and children are the target for this pandemic. Not by the virus itself but rather by the violent culprit. Now some of you will say “oh but there are so many violent women against men”, I’m not denying this. But let us start with the biggest, most acute problem right now. I’m not downplaying any victim – anyone deserves the same treatment and help from the society and government. Nevertheless the violence against women are rampant and can we eradicate or focus on one issue – others will hopefully follow.

Enough with the ranting – I seriously wish this pandemic will end. I wish people can continue living their lives. I wish we can return to normal. I wish we can start agreeing on things rather than playing blaimgames or taking advantage of the pandemic for a certain interest.

And I really hope I can go to SFO soon to enter and start my journey of continued learning.

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