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The Ticking Iran Time Bomb

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The October 7 brutal massacre by Hamas terrorists in southern Israel galvanized us to confront the ultimate threat that Iran poses to Israel and the world.

A Terrorist Superpower

Iran seeks nothing less than a global caliphate with the subjugation or death of anyone deemed an “infidel.” Its ambitions are advanced through proxy armies of radicalized Jihadi terrorists, including Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Shiite militias in Syria and Iraq, and the Houthis in Yemen. These groups share ideological sympathies with Iran and often receive financial, military, or logistical assistance.

As of right now, Iran has strategically surrounded Israel as well as U.S. bases in the Middle East. They provide rockets, missiles, armed drones, and anti-tank weapons to rain on Israel’s population centers from the north to the south and to routinely attack American assets. Further, they do this while thumbing their nose at the West’s attempt at dealmaking, appeasement, and the release of billions of dollars to fund Iran’s nuclear ambitions, state-sponsored terrorism, and progressive war footing.

Additionally, the terrorist Houthis, aside from using Iranian drones and ballistic missiles to attack Israel from 900 miles away, are attempting to close the Red Sea from freedom of navigation and shipping both to Israel’s port in Eilat and other vital passages of ships through the Suez Canal that account for 30% of global container shipping.

Of course, the most concerning issue is Iran’s persistent pursuit of nuclear weapons in defiance of the United Nations. Iran has continuously evaded or obstructed inspections by the IAEA, removed surveillance cameras from their nuclear facilities, concealed their nuclear enrichment activities, and disregarded sanctions in their relentless quest to acquire nuclear capability. Additionally, they boldly threaten to eradicate Israel and even pose a missile threat to NATO.

Extensive Cultural Infiltration

In addition to expanding its military might regionally and worldwide, Iran and its allies attack more subtly, from within. For example, Iran exerts a growing and malevolent anti-Semitic influence on the international community, particularly through the United Nations and its myriad related organizations. As a result, the influence of radical Islamic terror is more clearly visible than ever in the one-sided, biased, and disproportionate condemnations of Israel at the United Nations. Already in 2023, there were 14 resolutions against Israel, compared to just 7 for the rest of the world combined. Similarly, UNHRC has a history of selectively targeting Israel, with over 90 biased, anti-Israel resolutions since its founding in 2006. Additionally, UNRWA has misused resources intended for helping refugees and instead allowed them to be used for further radicalizing the Palestinians and supporting terrorism. Moreover, for over two and a half months now, the morally bankrupt United Nations Security Council has wholly failed to even condemn Hamas for the October 7 atrocities.

Not only is Iran the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, but it also engages in antisemitic disinformation and propaganda against Israel, as well as being rabidly committed to Holocaust denial. On campus in particular, the shocking, immediate, ongoing, and often violent post-October 7 “protests” by Hamas and its supporters in cities worldwide have revealed the extent to which funding flowing from Iran-allied, Hamas-promoting Qatar has penetrated and underwritten Western universities, where faculty and students alike are indoctrinated with grievances, deeming us “colonialist” and therefore evil to the core. Armed with disarmingly positive names but poisonous messages, groups like “Students for Justice in Palestine” (recently banned by multiple universities for violating their codes of conduct) foster hate while employing the rhetoric of victimhood.

With multiple, massive refugee crises exploding across the globe, the ideology of radical Islam, part and parcel of Iran’s tyrannical message, now threatens Europe and America alike from within. Instead of an effort to constructively integrate themselves into their newfound countries, a significant number see themselves as part of a conquering force inherently opposed to them. As a result, ordinary citizens live in fear of constant attacks with little support from the police. Barring effective border policies and law enforcement, the values that underpin our nations are, to put it mildly, no longer assured.

Prepare for 2024

Since the Hamas massacre in Israel’s border communities, Israel has been fighting in Gaza to free hostages and destroy Hamas and its leaders. However, a war in the north against Hezbollah is percolating, with daily fire exchanges and 117 Hezbollah terrorists killed.

Once Israel defeats Hamas in Gaza, either Hezbollah will have retreated from the border or they will have to be forcibly removed to end the danger to Israeli communities in the north. Hezbollah likely has an advanced tunnel network in south Lebanon, and Israel cannot allow another attack like the one on October 7.

Meanwhile, the United States and coalition partners must reopen the Red Sea for shipping, or Israel will have to do this. Already, Israel’s Sa’ar 6-class navy corvettes have set sail for the coast of Yemen, and Israel’s air force will not be far behind.

Strategically, Iran has sought ties with and weapons from Russia to protect them from Israel’s and the United States’ actions to end their extremist pursuit of Shiite global dominion. And even though Russia is preoccupied with fighting in Ukraine right now, there is no telling whether action in Iran will spark a larger and vastly more dangerous war with today’s “axis of evil.”

Eliminate the Threat

Unfortunately, the war will not be over until the head of the snake is severed. Iran’s evil leadership is living on borrowed time. As “brainwashed” leftists chant along with the Iranian mobs for “death to Israel” and “death to America,” and they call for a ceasefire from the West while Iran marches along the path of Jihad against all the infidels, none of us should be fooled into complacency. Addressing the Iranian nuclear program and its numerous terrorist proxy armies remains a major geopolitical challenge.

The bottom line is that unless the U.S. and Israel act, Iran will not stop until they fully poison the minds of our young people with a culture of hate and entitlement, as well as with a continuous flood of militants, causing us to implode from within, and threaten to blanket our cities with missiles potentially carrying weapons of mass destruction from the outside.

In the end, we’re dealing with a serious and determined Iranian adversary, along with their network of terrorist groups. Let’s hope and pray that we have the strategic foresight to fully comprehend the multifaceted threat posed by Iran, both internally and externally, and that we take decisive action to implement the educational, political, and military solutions to neutralize the most dangerous global threat we face. 

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