Elaine Rosenberg Miller

The TikTok War

October 7, 2023

Hamas, funded by Iran, invaded Israel.

They recorded many of their atrocities, something that they may come to regret as those uploads have awakened and unified leftist Israelis in a way that Netanyahu and the right could never do.

The left now realize that as they marched, signed petitions, defamed observant Jews, disavowed Israel’s history and achievements, Iran and Hamas were planning to attack Israel.

Many American Jews likewise failed to recognize the dangers of the alliance.

American 2023 Kol Nidre synagogue sermon after sermon focused not on Yom Kippur but “the occupied territories” as they romanticized Palestinians and demanded a “two state solution”. Many “temples”, proud of their leftwing bonafides posted these sermons on social media.

The October 7, 2023 attack proved that everything Netanyahu has said about Iran was true.

Five hundred innocent dead Israeli, over 1,500 wounded (many severely) attest to the accuracy of his warnings.

The invasion also established that there can and will never be a two state solution. The terrorists don’t want one. They want a one-state solution. Theirs.

Hamas will learn that Iran turns their attention elsewhere they will be left with no water, electricity and food.

Maybe they can plead to their multi-millionaire head living in Qatar, far away from the rockets, smoke and smoldering ruins.

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