The Top 5 Jewish Online Publications Dedicated To Celebrating Women

When I decided to build a Jewish app about a year ago, I had no idea that I was not just diving into the world of high-tech. I was also embarking on the Jewish experience of a lifetime.

Raised by Jewish Persian parents in Los Angeles, my twin sister Juliana and I grew up with a strong understanding of what it meant to have a Jewish identity. Through the process of building Shalomoji with the support of my sister, we not only gained an experience that was both highly challenging and creative, but we also had the opportunity to learn about other Jewish women who had also committed themselves to instilling greater connection, education, and diversity within the Jewish world.

Throughout our own entrepreneurial journey, we found ourselves regularly turning to certain outlets to feel more connected and inspired by fellow Jewish women.

Here are five Jewish publications by Jewish women for Jewish women that are creating a space for more creativity, support, and culture within the community.

  1. JewessMag


An online magazine geared towards modern Jewish women of all backgrounds, JewessMag is the perfect space to find inspiration, entertainment, and a positive community.

“I know so many awesome Jewish women in my community and there are incredible Jewish women in the world at large doing amazing things. They are devoted wives and mothers, they run non-profits, they create television shows, they do art, they write, they volunteer and they own businesses. I wanted to start a site that would highlight these women and their accomplishments,” says Jewess in Chief Kylie Ora Lobell.

JewessMag covers a variety of topics ranging from spirituality, entertainment, food, health, and family. Specifically, the site offers a slew of personal essays where writers share their experiences on converting to Judaism, Me too stories, or the impact Judaism has had on female business owners. Articles of inspiration are a dominating force in JewessMag with profiles of accomplished Jewish women such as comedian Jackie Gold or writer Sarah Tuttle-Singer of Times of Israel.

What gives this online publication even more of an edge is the addition of The Jewess podcast where listeners receive a monthly interview with a Jewish woman doing amazing things. The premiere episode which launched on October 31st featured Rain Pryor, comedian Richard Pryor’s daughter and an entertainer herself who created her own one-women show called “Fried Chicken & Latkes.”

So, if you’re ready to get a daily dose of Jewess-piration into your life, JewessMag is a must read.

  1. Kveller


For women who want to add a Jewish twist to their parenting, Kveller will have you hooked as the optimal online space for crucial conversations about raising Jewish children. Kveller’s name derives from the word “kvell” in Yiddish which means to burst with pride, a feeling parents are of course known to undeniably possess when it comes to their kids. Dedicated to celebrating women through a Jewish lens, Kveller covers topics including pregnancy, baby names, holidays, Jewish celebrities, and nosh. First person narrative driven stories that come from an authentic place keep the publication fresh and relatable. Featuring articles from pre-pregnancy to preschool, readers are provided a slew of advice driven content from pregnancy prayers, where to buy maternity clothes, to questions about circumcision. With a bunch of exceptional writers, including actress Mayim Bialik, Kveller offers diverse Jewish women voices each telling stories with their own unique perspectives. Content reflects all types of Jewish families, orthodox, conservative, reform, interfaith, queer, and divorced. So, if you’re ready to read stories that will either uplift your soul, produce the giggles or shed some tears, Kveller is the place for you.

  1. Heyalma


A new online community catered to Jewish millennial women, Alma is dedicated to creating a space for women entering into the realm of early adulthood. Alma covers a range of topics from career, dating, television, recipes, spirituality and holidays, while figuring out where Jewish identity fits into the mix.

“Alma,” a Hebrew word defining a woman of childbearing age who does not have children yet, is the type of targeted reader the site caters to whole-heartedly.

Launched on June 20 by 70 Faces Media, the parent company of the JTA, Alma is personal essay driven filled with stories such as “I’d Love To Have A Kid But I’m A Broke Millennial,” while also including a combination of interviews with Jewish television stars such as Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants Lacey Mark and Jack Stone or profiles on Jewish feminists.

“I had been the editor of Kveller, a Jewish parenting site, for several years, and while I really loved my job — working with really talented writers, allowing women to share their personal stories and connect with other women going through similar things — I myself couldn’t personally relate to the material, as I’m not a parent myself, says Molly Tolsky, the editor of Alma.

So, she set her sights on something new. “I started to think about a new publication that could be for women like me: out of college, but not quite ‘settled down,’ and still figuring this whole adult thing out. I wanted to focus on women since I learned from Kveller that there’s something really magical that happens — a true community feeling — when women have a space of their own to share personal, often vulnerable stories about everything from their love lives to careers to family issues to TV obsessions. The Jewish aspect adds another level familiarity among our readers — we have many shared experiences so it’s nice to seek each other out and connect.”

For all the ladies out there with some chutzpah, Alma is perfect for you.

  1. JWA’s blog: Jewish Women Amplified


Jewish Women’s Archive’s blog Jewish Women Amplified is a forum for Jewish women to discuss feminism, Jewish life, activism, food, humor, books, politics and pop culture. Jewish Women Amplified describes itself as a space that “celebrates smart, sassy and singular Jewish women who have changed the world, or simply have something to say.” Whether covering an interview with Jewish feminist poet Marge Piercy or offering a recipe for Rosh Hashanah Spaghetti Squash or sharing a story about a bicultural Jew giving thanks on Sukkot, the blog is a space for women to start conversations and inspire each other to think deeply and act with bravery.

If you’re looking for a virtual community that celebrates a plethora of voices, Jewish Women Amplified is the blog for you!

  1. Jew In The City


An online publication dedicated to breaking down stereotypes attributed to religious Jews, Jew In The City provides meaningful and humorous content while exploring the truth behind Orthodox Judaism. Founded by Allison Josephs, Jew In The City is a site that debunks the negative perception of Orthodox Jews and emphasizes the message that the community is educated, welcoming, open-minded and pro-women, while aspiring to connect the Jewish people to a beautifully rich culture. Covering topics such as modesty, spirituality, kosher cooking, and conversion, it is the women’s section that truly stands out. This section is where accomplished Orthodox Jewish women are celebrated. Articles about The First Hasidic Female Judge Ruchie Freier to be elected to public office in the United States or profiles on Jewish Women like Orthodox Jewish Musician Franciska Kay not only give a voice to Orthodox Jewish women, but also gives the community a space to rejoice in all the good work that is being done.

If you’re looking to get authentically driven insights on Orthodox Judaism, look no further than Jew In The City.

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Berenice is the CEO and founder of the Jewish emoji app Shalomoji. She also runs the Shalomoji blog where she interviews Jewish influencers to help inspire newbie entrepreneurs
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