The Top 9 Pesach Themed Movies

In the aftermath of Purim and in typical Jewish tradition, all focus is now concentrated on Pesach.  Seven days (eight outside Israel) without bread or even the slightest trace of Chametz and the cleaning frenzy is just starting.  Ovens, kitchen surfaces, floors, windows, utensils, clothes, pets and children.  Everything is being made ‘Kasher le Pesach’.  Supermarkets are stocking every cleaning agent known to man (and woman).  From Cillit Bang to Biff, there’s a cleaning solution for every dirty job, big or small.

In fact, so renowned is the Jewish festival of Passover, that many Hollywood movies have been made in order to tell the tale and give subliminal messages to convey the inner, hidden meanings of Pesach.

Here are the top 9 movies with a short synopsis.

1. Men in Black and White

Aliens are planning to attack the earth.  The attack will take place on Seder night unless the covert team, known only as ‘The Men in Black and White’, can successfully defend the earth.  Up against the clock, the team needs to locate the alien infiltrators and destroy them all by midday on Erev Pesach.  Led by Fair Oh, the alien invaders are set on making the people of earth their eternal slaves.  Will the Men in Black and White succeed in their mission?

2. Star Wars – The Matzah Strikes Back

Set in the future on the first day of Chol Ha’Moed, the Shky-Valker family are suffering from the effects of too much shmurah.  Only one family member remains unaffected, young Shlomi Shky-Valker.  Shlomi must travel to the nearby planet of Midyan and defeat the evil Daft Ada in order to get access to the mysterious miracle Matza cure.  Assisted by retired Rabbi, Binyamin B. Wonky Bogey, will Shlomi return in time to save his family and enjoy the remaining days of Chol Hamo’ed?

3. Verminator

In an attempt to achieve a complete chametz free environment, Robots are created in order to clean for Pesach and are additionally pre-programmed to turn lights on and off during the Chag.  But the robots revolt and rebel against their creators.  Bubbe Meiser must travel back in time to an era before the creation of the machines, locate the creator and explain why the machines must never be created.  In hot pursuit of Bubbe Meiser, the Verminator is closing the gap to prevent her from reaching the creator.

4. The Iron Haredi

Follow the events of the first ultra-orthodox woman to be elected to run the Pesach committee of the congregation of Beth Yaakov.  From her humble roots as the daughter of a kosher food salesman, young Margalit Matcher takes on the leaders of the Orthodox Unions as her reputation is built and she becomes known as The Iron Haredi.

5. The Shaw Shankbone Redemption

Falsely accused and imprisoned for the crime of eating Chametz during Pesach, this moving drama tells the tale of how Moishe Soloman survived in the infamous Pyramid prison until he finally escaped with a small band of followers after the walls of the prison were miraculously split open.

6. The Sandek – Part III

For years the Sandek has ruthlessly controlled the Kashrut supervision for the preparation of Pesach products.  But now, Cool Leon has decided to make things right.  With complaints from the Sandeks of the five families, Cool Leon is about to take on the Pesach price fixing and the sale of all Chametz.  Will he change his the ways of his family and prove victorious against thousands of years of tradition or will the five families get to him first?

7. Gulp Fiction

In this cult classic only the last man standing after eating a Kezayit of matzah will be able to enjoy the harmony of Chol Hamo’ed.  Featuring an all-star cast of well know heimishe actors and actresses.

8. The Good, The Bad and The Bitter

This western tale featuring the famous Chazan, Tilt Eastward, tells the story of one man’s struggle to introduce new tunes into the finale of the Seder service.

9. Silence of the Pascal Lambs

Newly out of Seminary, Rebbetzin Starling is assigned the task of locating the Mehadrin Shochet, Hannibal the Matza Ball, before all the lambs have been slaughtered.  Please note, no sheep were hurt too badly during the making of this intense thriller.

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