The Topsy Turvy Dangerous World We’re Creating

What was once ignored because we may not judge or because guilt by association is unacceptable, although it is used in every facet of life and work. Nevertheless, when it came to Obama, the rule-book no longer mattered.

He was the embodiment of what President Trump once said in jest (of course taken seriously by the MSM and their alt-left cohorts), that he could get away with shooting someone down 5th Av in broad daylight. Obama exemplified this throughout his eight years. All of a sudden this laissez-faire attitude no longer applies and the complaints, harangues and outright falsehoods mushroom each day by the very same people and organizations who looked the other way for the past eight years.

These “johnny-come-latelies” and sudden Jew-lovers riddled with Stockholm Syndrome who excused Obama from the most egregious and overt acts of anti-Israel and Jew bias now demand a daily condemnation from POTUS. The fact that he’s unwilling to have to prove himself over and over and shouldn’t need to, is proof positive, reverse osmosis, that he is in fact an anti-Semite.

The existential issue of Israel’s defense and security and the protection of Jews in America against anti-Semitism should be our greatest priority and beyond politics. Jews, however, have this proclivity to shoot themselves in the foot. Oh sure, they’ll have dozens of excuses why they should alienate and marginalize a President Trump. He’s anti-Muslim, anti-Black, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant, anti-water and anti-clean environment. All of which I’m happy to debate and they’re perfectly allowed to maintain. As Jews, however, our first obligation, must be to our own survival and it’s this dangerous attitude to the contrary I abhor and will fight.

Their hate for him has so blinded them that they don’t take into consideration the impact it can have on our people and Israel. But then truth be told Israel was never their priority or at least not until we give parts or most of it away and placate our enemies.

Let me cite just a few examples of this shameful advance of mendacity and the inverted political world it takes place in:

a) Throughout his campaign and even after the elections Obama was dogged by the known anti-Israel and Jew-hating associates he cavorted with. Whether they were Muslim agitators on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian statehood, Israel hegemony and Jewish hate.

They were his supporters within varying stages, contributors, advisers or just friends and contemporaries. He spent time with them, he campaigned with them, he ate by them and he sought their advice.

Yet the refrain was you can’t indict him based on association. Since when do we infer guilt by association??!! [One of the most inane and idiotic answers to a simple question given by the left]. But it suited them and their goals. Obama must get into office.

Then you have President Trump. I know of no known association in his past to any anti-Semite. This doesn’t include a businessman he may have come into contact with or a deal he may have made in business. If that’s the yardstick Obama would be the worst anti-Semite on the planet. I do not see any friendship, personal involvement or companionship with any such person or people throughout his life.

But then you have some white-supremacist or far-right kooks who endorse him on TV or internet and “Katy bar the door”, it’s curtains. He is called the most vile names and accused of the most heinous crimes. He doesn’t know these people, never met them and never asked for their support and yet he’s a white-supremacist by association! Not guilt by direct association -as evidenced constantly by Obama- but guilt removed by double and even triple or quadruple disconnection who don’t know Trump nor he them!

The fact that Obama had direct support from some of the most left-wing anti-Semites around and was never questioned, harassed or pressured by the media is hypocrisy at its apex. He was never doubted and his company never questioned or really repudiated.

What makes this even more heinous is the constant refrain by the left “he hasn’t condemned them”! He hasn’t done enough to prove his Jew-loving bona-fides! The sheer mendacity! Not only has he done so himself and through his surrogates, over and over (even if not in the exact language they like or want, which in their hyper-partisan eyes is also enough to indict him). But, for them not parroting these condemnations for every single act out there in the world over and over somehow implicates him in their warped minds.

The same people that sat silently by as Obama sat, ate, hung-out, fraternized and sought money from open, unabashed and violent anti-Semites. Now they seem to have found their voice and principles and skewer President Trump at every chance they have.

b) Then you have a church that Obama attended for 20 years. It’s pastor married them and reared their children in his church. They matriculated in this environment of poisonous hate and soaked it in for all those years.

The pastor? A rabid, unabashed, unrepentant and unafraid anti-Semite open enemy of Israel. This black-power, socialist revolutionary and anti-Semitic theology was the mother’s milk Obama nursed on in his early political life.

Oh ye, it was mentioned and whispered about hush-hush lest one be accused of racism. Excuses were given and offers of rehabilitation made so as to allow Obama the chance to become our first black president. These are not debatable conspiracies but provable historical facts.

None of the truth mattered. All swept under the rug so the “emperor with no clothes”, this empty suit, tailored out of whole cloth by mainstream media tailors could be propped up in the Oval Office. Connections even to Louis Farrakhan and other known anti-Semites in that movement including domestic terrorists were ignored and cast aside.

Yet, somehow, Trump who has nothing remotely colorful to Obama’s history. Has dealt with and befriended Jews in New York and the world over. Employed and still employs Jews and even orthodox Jews, and can count PM Netanyahu of Israel as a personal friend. Not Nasrallah of Hezbollah, Khameini of Iran or Mohamed Morsi of Egypt. And the left has the audacity to accuse Trump of anti-Semitism.

c) Lastly, for the purpose of this article (although we can go on for the list is long), was Obama’s treatment of Netanyahu. Never in our history has a US President so shabbily and insultingly treated an Israeli head of government. Any legitimate head of state period!

I’m no huge fan of Bush 41 and definitely not some of his surrogates, most notably James Baker, who I believe to be a WASP anti-Semite. Yet, none of them dared to treat an Israeli PM as Obama and his administration has. Multiple times and in varying degrees. Inexcusable and perhaps the strongest indictment yet of his personal animosity toward the Jewish state among many other examples, The Iran deal itself being another one.

Yet, Jews still supported him. Turned the other cheek! Did and still will bend over backwards to excuse him and at a minimum explain it away as mere politics and nothing personal.

Be it as it may, the shocking and glaring hypocrisy is that the total opposite is true with Trump and his administration. They show their open and unapologetic support of Israel. Treat Netanyahu like an equal and a statesman. Appoint a fierce supporter, an orthodox Jew, who was one of the President’s closest friend’s and personal attorney, as ambassador to Israel. Appoint an ambassador to the UN, the pit of iniquity and hell, who proceeds to denounce that body in a way never heard or seen before on behalf of Israel.

Counts his lawyers, Jews and even “Kohanim”, as his closest allies and friends. Many Jewish business associates who vouch for him, such as Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank.

Robert Kraft, a Democrat, supporter of Israel and a proud Jew is a close friend and speaks his praise. Netanyahu himself testified on his behalf in front of the media as to his long-time friendship, before he was PM or held any position of power. Has been given many awards for his friendship and support of Jews and Israel.

Before he was president this wasn’t even a discussion. No one would seriously entertain such balderdash. He could be many things but anti-Semite was not one of them. And yet, you have foolish and shameful people who swallow this falsehood whole and worse disseminate it as gospel.

This doesn’t even touch on the obvious: His father and his ties to Jews and support of Jewish causes. Where and how Trump grew up. Is his sitster, a sitting federal judge, an anti-Semite? If he is it would stand to reason she is. Or since she is pro-choice maybe not. None of which can be said of Obama.

Or the Jewish son-in-law, Jewish daughter, by choice, was she raised by a father who ridiculed or insulted Judaism?! His daughters’-in-law are both Jewish or of Jewish extraction. None of that physical and biological proximity is at all evident in the Obama home that I know of.

As such I believe it is high time for Jews in particular to refute this canard and falsehood. If for nothing else but to keep our President as a defender of our people and Israel not to turn him against us, G-d forbid. We’ve had enough of that the last eight years.

You want to criticize him about other things that’s fair game. We may not agree but it’s your right. But please, as a Jew, keep your brethren in mind before you indict a president with this most heinous and factually untrue accusation. You do your people no favor. On the contrary you place us all in great peril.

This is not a political response or a personal screed. This is about my people and our Jewish homeland. No matter who we are we have a communal responsibility to our people and a fealty to our homeland as well as our country. It’s not about me or you but us! We must all repudiate this nonsense and these lies before it goes too far and beyond the point of return.


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Graduate of the Rabbinical College of Greater Miami and Central Lubavitch Yeshivah in NY. Rabbi in Hollywood, FL leading its community as the Chabad Emissary and member of Florida Friends of Lubavitch for over 25 years. "Father and grandfather is something I'm most proud of and strive to get better."
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