The Traitors in the Knesset

In the 2015 elections for the 20th Knesset, four Arab parties (Balad, Hadash,Ta’al and the United Arab List) joined together to form the Joint Arab List. They won thirteen seats in our parliament, making them the third largest party.

United supposedly to represent their Israeli Arab constituents, the Arab List has done very little for them. Most of their efforts have been to undermine the State of Israel and to be supportive of the Palestinians.

Frequently some members of the Joint Arab List have travelled to Muslim countries to enlist support and financial aid for their cause.

In those meetings, one member in particular, Haneen Zoabi, has been the most outspoken critic of the Israeli government while she occupies a seat in Israel’s Knesset.

Her verbal abuse is one step below filth and the government has on occasion suspended her for six month periods from participating in Knesset debates.

She has only recently surrendered her parliamentary immunity to plead guilty in the case of abuse against an Israeli Arab policeman in Nazareth, defaming him and calling him a traitor to his people and telling people to spit in his face.

For that, the court found her guilty, gave her a fine of 3,000 shekels and a suspended sentence for three years.

Last week, Haneen Zoabi joined with two fellow Arab members of the Knesset, Basel Ghattas and Jamal Zahalka, to pay a “condolence” visit to the families of a group of Arab terrorists who were killed by Israeli forces.

During their visit they condemned the State of Israel to whom they had sworn allegiance and gave vocal support to the families, praying with them and going so far as to call the dead terrorists martyrs for the cause of Palestinian freedom. Arab “martyrs” who murdered an Israeli Jew in cold blood.

Such an act of treachery is unheard of in any parliament in the world.

The American president and members of the Congress of the United States would never have dreamed of visiting families of those Arabs responsible for the 9/11 massacre of so many thousands in New York’s Twin Towers.

Such an act by the three members of the Joint Arab List is an act of treason against our State and the traitors must be severely punished.

Strip them of their immunity. Expel them from the Knesset. Do not allow them to speak in Knesset sessions. Ignore them as one would flee from a leper. Withhold their salaries. They are not worthy of being members in Israel’s Knesset.

The Arabs whom they “represent” have received little or no benefits as a result of their parties victory in the 2015 election.

Their own people, if they had sense and courage, should disown them and disassociate themselves from the traitors. They should elect representatives worthy of serving their needs which are many.

When one, anywhere in the world, is elected to a government position and has sworn allegiance to the country and to the laws of that country, he or she is duty-bound by obligation to uphold the laws and remain faithful to their oath.

Ghattas, Zoabi and Zahalka have betrayed their oath of loyalty and allegiance to the State and to its laws.

They are unworthy to sit in our Knesset. Let them be suspended or ejected from it. Let them leave the State of Israel permanently and go to live in the Arab territories of the West Bank or in Jordan where they will feel comfortable spreading hostile lies about Israel.

The Russians constantly sent accused criminals to a lifetime exile in the wilderness of Siberia. Send the Arab murderers to exile in some barren wasteland in the desert where their cries cannot be heard and only the camels can see them. Banish them from the society of decent human beings.

In a democracy, while there is freedom of speech, anti-government hostile activities are traitorous acts. Let our government and its legal authorities take prompt action.

Remove the traitors in our Knesset.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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