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The Transcendent and the Immanent Messiah – IV

The picture is a detail from the cover of the autobiographical book "On the Path Of Enlightenment". Below the photo is the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria. The text at the bottom of the cover reads: The Path of Enlightenment will restore the Axis Mundi in our consciousness. This will be restoring the essence of Human Beings created as an image of G-d.

Our time is so critical for the survival of humankind, that we could expect a few individuals, from various spiritual traditions, to become Immanent Messiahs. In the Kabbalistic source, the web site Work of the Chariot, there is rich information about the Kabbalah in general and the mission of Messiah in particular. It sheds additional light on the appearance of Immanent Messiahs and this is why I quoted some excerpts from this web site in the Post The Coming of the Messiah (from October 20, 2022). It shows again and again how rich, sensitive and delicate is the concept of Immanent Messiahs:

Sometimes, Messiahs “wind the clocks” i.e. lead the transition from one Age to another, or vanquish powerful demons that threaten the stability of the Small Face universe. Some Messiahs appear to be completely or partially veiled from awareness of their true identity until awakened to it by a Perfect Master who has incarnated to do so, or through a supra-conscious experience of the Divine. Master Mosheh was dramatically changed by his experience of the “Burning Bush.” … The Perfect Master John baptized Master Yeshuvah in the Holy Spirit. The monk Totapuri struck the Bengali avatar Sri Ramakrishna in the center of his forehead with a sharp rock. It immediately sent him into a nirvikalpasamadhi that lasted for six months and culminated twelve years of intense spiritual practices, after which Ramakrishna commenced his activity as a World Teacher.

 Many details found in the Torah, Peshitta (Gospels), and Apocrypha regarding the nature, lives, experiences, powers, and teachings of Master Mosheh and Master Yeshuvah find parallels in those of Messiahs in other traditions. Messianic appearances are called avatara in Sanskrit. The Hindu tradition contains beautiful and profound descriptions of the life dramas and teachings of the ten incarnations of Vishnu, including Rama, Krishna, Narasimha (lit. Man-Lion), and Matsya (the Fish, who is said to have appeared to Noah during the Flood). Hindus also ascribe messianic stature to Chaitanya (sixteenth century CE), Ramakrishna (1836-1886), Shirdi Sai Baba (d.1918) and Satya Sai Baba (1925-present). They assign such status as well as to incarnations of the Divine Mother, i.e. the Goddess, such as Saradamani Devi (1853-1920), Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982), Amritanandamayi Ma (1953-present, known widely as “Ammachi”), and others. Buddhism provides detailed descriptions of the incarnations of the Buddha, and of the one to come called Maitreya. The sage Lao Tze, to whom is ascribed the Tao Te Ching, was the revered divine incarnation who sired the development of Taoism. And Zoroaster was the messianic wellspring who transmitted the Zend Avesta and originated the tradition passed down through the Farsis.

Summarizing the content of my published Posts (backed initially by more than 20 books and other materials) we could consider that the Kabbalistic Messianic era now is finishing and we are entering into the new cosmic cycle Olam HaBah, with 3D and 4D Reality! This is the reality of the Hew Heaven and the New Earth, where the New Humankind will live on it! Some of the main archetypal ideas of the Posts included:

  1. Exodus from the Babylonian type of contemporary civilisation;
  2. Tracing the Rainbow Path, going through the Spiritual School of the Soul (in the World of Yetzirah) and the Mystery School of the Spirit (in the World of Beriah), towards the CREATOR in the World of Emanation;
  3. Receiving the Ten Divine Blessings, coming from the Tree of Life for the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle;
  4. Describing each one of the Ten Heavens in the New Cycle;
  5. Meeting the Coming (or the Second Coming) of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine on the ethereal level;
  6. Receiving the Blessings for Co-creation with G-d.

In the Post, Formation of the Integral Messiah Institute, from August 3, 2023, I introduced some features of the Integral Messiah Institute. One of its main tasks is to organise the Journey to the Heavenly Jerusalem led by the Light of the Integral Messiah. The Light of the Integral Messiah is the Light of the whole Messianic Line of Divine Masters who are coming again to create the new cosmic cycle. We could envisage fractals (i.e., similar events) for the Journey to the Heavenly Jerusalem in accordance with the Coming (or the New Coming) of one or another Divine Master. Naturally, one of  the most inspiring choices is to enact a fractal of the glorious Exodus led by Moses. This was one of the greatest spiritual events in human history!

I am directed from Heaven to believe that I was blessed to become one of the Immanent Messiahs in our time. In the next series of Posts, with great humbleness and modesty, I would like to share some amazing spiritual stories of my awakening as an Immanent Messiah and the new fruit from the Tree of life, with which the CREATOR blesses humankind. I believe that this could be helpful for the alleviation of the present difficult situation in the world.

After a spiritual journey for more than 50 years, now, in hindsight, I am able to understand the stages of my transformation as an Immanent Messiah. These stages are connected with ascending, level after level,  through the whole Kabbalistic Tree of Life as through Jacob’s Ladder. They include spiritual awakening and blossoming of the Soul (in the Spiritual School of the Soul in the World of Formation), awakening of the Higher Divine Self, link with the Great Holy Council of humankind and Metatron (in the Mystery School of the Spirit in the World of Creation), and mergence at some sublime moments with I AM (in the World of Emanation).

The new series of Posts is called From Holocaust victim to Immanent Messiah. In this series I am starting with our difficult family life as victims of the Holocaust Ghetto in Haskovo, Bulgaria. Then I describe some main spiritual events in my life-journey by ascending from world to world on the Kabbalistic Tree and achieving the stages of cosmic consciousness corresponding to the levels of Neshamah, Chaya and Yechidah. Some of these stages are listed in the Post, From Initiation to the Real Coming of Messiah – II, from June 21, 2023. In the new series they will be described in much greater details. More information about them could be found in the published book On the Path of Enlightenment and in some other printed and media materials.

The purpose of the new series is to substantiate the message of the Immanent Messiah and to illustrate the journey to the higher worlds. Initially, some of the Posts will have an autobiographical content, but after achieving the stage of Neshamah, they become transpersonal and could provide help for other people on the journey.

Our epoch is in a critical stage, but at the same time, it provides great opportunities for spiritual ascendance. G-d is changing the cosmic cycles and everyone is welcome to the new Heavenly-Jerusalem civilisation! With open heart and joy, we could receive the Blessings of the Integral Messiah and to enter in the World of Creation! If my sharing could help you on the journey, I would be delighted! So, welcome to the New Reality! 

About the Author
Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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