The triad of terror

Triad of Terror photo montage by Gary Branfman

The Iranian Islamofascist oppressive regime craves for nothing less than a Global Jihad.

Our planet is home to two billion Muslims, comprising 25 percent of the world’s population. In the eyes of the ayatollahs, the rest of us are infidels whose existence is problematic. Even within the borders of Iran, Muslims who do not subscribe to their Islamic theocratic interpretation of Islam are imprisoned, tortured, or simply eliminated.

Before the Slaughter on the Seventh, when the only democracy in the Middle East was brutally assaulted by blood-thirsty savages, America tried “playing nice” with the ayatollahs. During our attempts at kumbaya, Tikun Olam, and a naïve peace-seeking agenda, the ayatollahs were laughing and scheming.

Iran, together with Russia and China, form a Triad of Terror. Western Civilization is the common enemy that strengthens their malleable but unbreakable bonds.

In 2021, Iran and China signed a 25-year cooperation agreement to strengthen the two countries’ “political, strategic, and economic” components.

Iran and Russia are military allies in Syria and Iraq, partners in Afghanistan, and Russia is the chief supplier of arms and weaponry to Iran.

To the treacherous trio, the brutal slaughter of innocent civilians is likened to the falling of pawns in a global game of team chess. The Russian king takes Ukraine, China’s queen moves towards Taiwan, and Iran’s rooks and knights mercilessly wreak havoc on the rest of the world.

Hamas is only one of Iran’s armed, trained, and financed paramilitary mercenary groups whose leaders are welcomed in Moscow.

Meanwhile, in China, where Muslims are imprisoned in “re-education” camps, President Xi Jinping somehow sees a moral equivalency between the invasion of Hamas’ drug-crazed demonic assassins, and Israel’s right to defend itself in our ancestral homeland.

Lebanon’s Iranian proxy, Hezbollah, described their eager participation in the assault as, “a message to those seeking normalization with Israel.”

Iraq, where a dozen Iraqi political parties have ties to Iran, commends the massacre, and affirms their “unequivocal support” for the Palestinian factions.

Yemen’s Houthi leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi, backed by Iran, threatened U.S. intervention with “drones and missiles.”

Giving credit where credit is due, the Abraham Accords paved the way for both Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to condemn Hamas’ invasion and butchery.

Morrocco and Sudan took the road more travelled, together with our new Saudi friends who described the massacre as a battle between “Palestinian factions and the Israeli occupation forces.” Also displaying their true colors, Qatar wined and dined Hamas leadership during the onslaught, while Turkey’s President Erdoğan referred to Hamas’ killers as “freedom fighters” and states, “We will tell the whole world that Israel is a war criminal.”

But what about those adherents to Islam residing in the free world? The good Muslims, benefitting from the freedoms not granted in their countries of origin?

During the Holocaust, the “Good Germans” watched trains packed with men, women, and children enter factories. They watched thick black smoke spew from the buildings and the palpable stench of death blacken the sky. They watched empty trains leave the factories. These “good Germans” said “they didn’t know.” Really? They could not figure it out? Were they really that stupid?

Are today’s “Good Muslims” yesterday’s “Good Germans”?

In 2016, in my quaint South-Texas town of Victoria, the local mosque was burned to the ground. The following morning, five hundred of us gathered in front of the still-smoldering site to show our solidarity and support. I personally shared their grief and presented the president of the Victoria Islamic Society with keys to our synagogue, Temple B’nai Israel. Al Jazeerathanked me, CBS Evening News interviewed me, and CNN rewarded me as an “unsung” hero.

Following the Slaughter on the Seventh, the Victoria imam has refused to speak with local media, and members of the mosque are blaming Israel and claiming that the murderous rampage was justified for the Palestinians to “get a glimpse of freedom.”

Freedom? What they need is freedom from Hamas, which, instead of using their billions of dollars for scholarships, infrastructure, education, farming, research, and the arts, use it for building tunnels, importing rockets, and destroying lives. Yasar Arafat, the first leader of the Palestinians left an estate of twenty billion dollars. Instead of aiding his people who revered him, his widow and daughter are living lives of luxury and are often spotted strolling down the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Gaza is a 25-mile stretch of land with a magnificent Mediterranean coastline. Jews had lived there for thousands of years before the birth of Muhammed and the introduction of Islam. In biblical times, Samson was seduced and sentenced to death following a trim by the evil Philistine Delilia. Gaza is also where the young David bashed in the head of Goliath, the mighty Philistine Giant. In the Middle Ages and on, rabbis lectured, and Jewish communities flourished in Gaza.

In 2005, by the unilateral decree of Israel, every Jew left Gaza in order for the Palestinians to, once again, begin their journey toward an independent Palestinian state. With the world as their witness, they could have transformed their newly acquired land into a magnificent beach-front resort community. Singapore did it and so did Hong Kong.

Gaza is a 25-mile stretch of land with a magnificent Mediterranean coastline. Jews had lived there for thousands of years before the birth of Muhammed and the introduction of Islam.

The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. We left homes, synagogues, farms, and factories. Instead of taking advantage of these gifts, the Palestinians destroyed them all, simply because they had belonged to Jews.

Today, the Palestinians’ elected leadership lives in luxury and commutes in limos and Lear jets while their young subjects wallow in poverty, believing that their life will be fulfilled only by murdering Jews.

On the Slaughter on the Seventh, a young Palestinian savage bragged to his family on the cell phone of a Jewish woman he had just murdered, how proud he was to have personally killed ten Jews. His family in Gaza was proud as well, I assume.

Last week was the brit milah of my third grandchild.

Must I fear for the future of my grandchildren?

“Jihad is becoming as American as apple pie,” proclaimed Anwar al-Awlaki, a key organizer for Al Qaeda who was born in New Mexico. Of the sixteen lethal jihadist terrorist attacks in America since 9/11, four were homegrown Islamic assassins, nurtured and radicalized in mosques in Texas, New York, Florida, and Virginia. The remaining perpetrators of death hailed from Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Uzbekistan.

In February of 2019, the Islamic Education Center of Houston celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. At the ceremony, children sang: “Khamenei is our leader, we are his soldiers.”

Of the sixteen lethal jihadist terrorist attacks in America since 9/11, four were homegrown Islamic assassins, nurtured and radicalized in mosques in Texas, New York, Florida, and Virginia.

On July 29, 2022, a video was produced by the school’s administration. In the Broadway-quality musical production children are waving Iranian flags, dancing in traditional Islamic dress, and singing a sacred song of praise. While pledging allegiance to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, children chant of child soldiers, martyrdom, and proclaim, “May my father and mother be sacrificed for you.”

The video, initially available on the school’s YouTube and Facebook pages, was shared by the Iranian state-controlled Fars News and lauded by the Iranian government. Attempts to remove the video and deny its existence were superseded by The Middle East Research Institute (MEMRI) making the video readily available.

Iran funds, arms, provides amphetamines, and furnishes plans for their psychopathic international paramilitary mercenary militias. The Hamas terrorists who participated in the slaughter were promised $10,000 and an apartment if they captured Jewish hostages. All they had to do for the reward was kidnap a Jew and go home.

As if guided by the Quranic Malak ul-Maut, the surreal, sickening savagery they unleashed upon Israelis, Germans, Italians, Austrians, Americans, Argentinians, Brazilians, British, Cambodians, Canadians, Chileans, Chinese, Columbians, Filipinos, French, Irish, Mexicans. Italians, Paraguayans, Peruvians, Russians, Tanzanians, Thais, and Ukrainians was done pro bono.

When my grandfather was a child, Cossacks on horseback wielding sabers galloped through his shtetyl. They were more focused. They only chopped the heads off Jewish children.

In a very short time, the media world’s collective amnesia will forget about the bound, burned, beheaded babies and the young women gang-raped until their pounded pelvises fractured.

The media will fail to recall that between 1979 and 2001, there were 48,035 terrorist attacks globally, self-described by the perpetrators as being conducted in the name of Islam. These massacres resulted in 210,138 deaths in Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. France was the country most affected in the European Union with 82 Islamist attacks and 332 deaths.

In the most recent onslaught of evil, Hamas took a page from Hitler’s Happy Holocaust Handbook: Torture, mutilate, and murder your victims, then blame the victims. The WWII Japanese playbook describes young pilots volunteering to fly Kamikaze suicide attacks. This seems to have inspired Palestinian teens on their sacrificial final flights on hang-gliding bombers.

When Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower began liberating the camps, he was unprepared for the unprecedented Nazi brutality. Dead, decaying bodies, stripped of their humanity were piled like firewood, living skeletons struggled to stand, and ovens emitted the stench of death. Eisenhower insisted that the press take photographs so future generations could not deny what he saw.

Today, Holocaust deniers flourish, promoting anti-Semitism by spreading their lies despite Eisenhower’s prophetic warning.

Remember this when you awaken one morning and all you see, hear, and read about is the death and destruction in Gaza.

There is a significant difference between the Slaughter on the Seventh and the hellacious Holocaust. The Nazis tried to hide their heinous savagery. The Hamas terrorists proudly streamed, recorded, and bragged about theirs.

This time, the world is watching.

Last week, forty-three minutes of perverse demonic torture, stochastic terrorism, and inhumane savagery, harvested from terrorist’s body cams, dashboard cameras, social media accounts, and cell phones, were shown to two hundred international journalists. Some were sobbing while others gagged in disgust. Many looked away or left the room.

Jew-hating influencers claim it was fiction, staged by the international Jews who own Hollywood and the media. The Triad of Terror will smirk at these claims.

It always starts with the Jews. It never ends with the Jews.

About the Author
Gary Branfman, MD is co-founder of, past president of Congregation B’nai Israel in Victoria, Texas and singlehandedly had the IHRA definition of Antisemitism endorsed by the City. Dr. Branfman has lectured internationally on Racism and has written for several publications. He has appeared on CBS evening news with David Begnaud and Al Jazeera.
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