The Trump Card

Though not yet official, Donald Trump has done it, becoming the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. How many people honestly believed that when Trump announced his candidacy there was a chance in heck that he would be the last man standing at what became a field of 17. There were seasoned Governors and Senators, Brain surgeons and Business executives, there was even a minister and of course the real dark horse the Reality Television host and real estate mogul Donald Trump. The Jester of the group. An easy target for the media both on the left and the right. While being perceived as a joke by high percentage of the pundits, Trump was connecting more and more with the guy on the street. Not all of them necessarily Republican. People who were tried of the same old messages and promises that are usually reneged upon after the elections. They wanted anti-establishment and they got it from someone who is not intimated and doesn’t show fear toward his adversaries. That turned them on as opposed to Mr. monotone Bush or angry Paul. People feel that America is in trouble and they want a real change this time a change for the better.

As an Israeli and American I believe that it is imperative to inform and educate our American friends and relatives that Israel and many Israelis are beginning to wonder if the wind blowing from the west is starting to reverse its course. Western Europe has drifted. For now, they are labeling Jewish products, who knows if people are next. The US in on the verge of becoming the next Europe. The Jews in America can’t just stand by and witness the rebirth of Jewish hatred around the world. The message has to get out that the Jewish vote cannot make the same mistake of four and eight years ago. Voting An American President that’s more comfortable with The Ayatollahs of Iran and the dictator of Communist Cuba than with the leader of one of the most trusted and loyal allies of the US, the State of Israel.

We have to remind the Jewish vote that Clinton was Secretary of State for this President and had no problem tongue lashing Netanyahu whenever her boss had the urge to stir it up. Let’s also not forget her warm embrace for Mrs Arafat after her tirade in Arabic how the Israelis were poising the children of Gaza and brought Aides and other diseases to Gaza. Arafat racked up the most reward points at the White House as the Number one guest of the Clinton’s which he traded in for several billions of dollars.

Let’s make a difference. The Jewish vote may be pivotal in states like New York Florida California and Ohio.

Israel and the Jewish People can ill afford a repeat of Obama’s policies for another four or eight years of Obama.

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Jon is a graduate of Brooklyn College and a buisness owner Boca Raton, Florida. He made Aliyah with family Aug 2009 and has owned and operated a buisness in Israel. Jon is married with 4 children and lives in Ra'anana.
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