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The Two Sides of Golda Meir

Golda Meir is the only female prime minister of Israel and in some ways she is one of the country’s most misunderstood leaders.

People have different opinions of Golda, whether it might be as Israel’s ‘Iron Lady’. Or, it may be as Israel’s safta in the kitchen baking cakes. Or even just simply being a chainsmoker.

Either way, these views are all contradictory but in some way they are all Golda.

Recently I saw the film ‘Golda’ starring the great Helen Mirren and directed by the acclaimed Israeli director Guy Nattiv.

I thought the film was very good and Helen Mirren is a great actress.

There has been some criticism of a non-Jew playing Golda Meir. Personally, I have no objection to Helen Mirren (a non-Jew) playing Golda and thought she was very good in the film.

The film covers the Yom Kippur (which marks its 50th year) and focuses on Golda Meir during this time period.

The movie does also touch on her personal character, as well as her public persona.

In the film we see her in the kitchen baking cakes for the IDF Generals. It is true that she did enjoy cooking.

I think it is the dichotomy between her public and private persona that makes her a fascinating person.

The one thing I will say about Golda Meir is that she is the only female prime minister of Israel. The country has yet to see another Golda Meir or female prime minister, she was truly unique.

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Working in the hospitality/travel industry in Israel. Am into spirituality and go to lectures/classes on Jewish mysticism.
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