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The two states problem

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What is the reason for discussing the concept of the ‘two-state solution’? Gaza, like Israel, possesses a clearly defined geographical area, a population residing there who hold shared principles, and a governing body responsible for legislating and maintaining law and order. Hence, the existence of two states is already established, and it serves as the root cause rather than the remedy for the problem.

Having two states is never a viable solution when one of them consists of a population and government that disregard the sovereignty of their neighbor by refusing to accept its existence. It is as straightforward as that. For the establishment of two states to be a viable solution, it is imperative to undergo a profound transformation in the governance of the Gaza territory and the ideological mindset of its inhabitants, who have been indoctrinated to perpetuate the conflict indefinitely.

Nothing can be more evident. It is not novel. In cases where this has occurred, the issue has been resolved through the removal of those who were in power, the establishment of a government capable of re-educating the entire population including children, young adults, and adults, and the creation of institutions that foster peaceful and productive coexistence. This applies not only internally, but also with neighboring countries and all other nations worldwide.

Check history. Imperialist Japan and Nazi Germany serve as the most eloquent examples that a profound transformation in a society is possible. In the case of Gaza, it is sufficient for Israel, the United States, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia to collaborate and make concerted efforts towards this goal: ending a nation of barbaric terrorists to build over it another one compromised with civilized manners. Similarly, one can make the assertion regarding countries with significant issues such as Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and North Korea, which collectively constitute the Axis of Evil.

Have I overlooked any? In addition, they possess land, population, and governance, yet they lack the mindset conducive to achieving productive and harmonious cohabitation within their society or with the global community. They embrace coercion as a method for controlling others; they possess a religious or secular mystical mindset and adhere to irrationality, a stance that is unacceptable by those who advocate for civilization and denounce barbarism.

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Roberto Rachewsky was born in 1955, in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. His great-grandparents came from Bessarabia (Moldova and Ukraine), fleeing the pogroms of Tsar Nicholas II. Belonging to a family of traders, Roberto is the owner of an international logistics company and is an active supporter of laisse-faire capitalism for which he co-founded several institutions to spread the ideas of freedom. He recently published the book "The Greek, the Friar and the Heroine", which deals with the philosophical connection between Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Ayn Rand.
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