The U.S. 2020 Election and What We Know About Candidate Views on Israel

United States President Donald Trump will likely be the Republican candidate in the 2020 elections. Trump has been praised by Netanyahu for his pro-Israeli views. He has also stated that it’s time that the United States recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights.

Israelis know what they can expect from Trump, but he has had a very interesting way of singling out the Jewish community in the US.

During many of his speeches, he has referred to Jewish people as “you” and claimed “your Prime Minister” when speaking of Israeli elections. He has had a hard time winning over American Jews, and I have discussed him in-depth in the past.

Trump, despite his Israeli views, has flip-flopped on many issues and knows how to play the political game. He’s going to say whatever he wants to try and win over Jews during the election.

But Trump also likes to try and divide the Democratic and Republican parties further apart by the day.

Trump’s White House claims that all Democratic candidates have failed to protect Israel and condemn anti-Semitism . The statement leads us to Texas’ Beto O’Rourke who made a splash in Texas during the midterms and is running for president.

O’Rourke is unlikely to win the election, but he is a target of Trump’s because he claims that Trump’s rhetoric that he uses to describe immigrants is the same rhetoric used in Nazi Germany. The White House went on the defense after his comments.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has a base that overlaps with the two Democratic frontrunners: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. She has the best chance as a woman of making a splash in the coming elections. Warren defended the senate’s vote for additional funding for the 2014 Gaza war, claiming that she will support bringing peace and security to Israel.

She, along with Sanders, wrote to Netanyahu about the demolishing of Palestinian villages in the West Bank. Both Sanders and Warren asked that the villages not be demolished. She has showed up for Shabbat following an attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Sanders has a very strong chance at being the 2020 Democratic nominee, and he would be the first Jewish U.S. President. He is opposed to Netanyahu’s government and has even suggested that real consequences for Israel exist if the country’s course of occupation does not change. He has suggested that financial aid and arms sales could be removed if the Israel-Palestine conflict continues.

Sanders is not happy with the deaths in Gaza. He claims that Israel overreacted and even bombed UN facilities. He also realizes that Gaza used some of the money they’ve received for funding construction projects to launch missiles.

Joe Biden officially launched his campaign this month, and he learned how to be pro-Israel from his father. He has a long and complex history with Israel, and in 2010 when Biden was visiting Israel, Netanyahu took the opportunity to announce new settlement activity which mocked Biden to an extent.

Netanyahu also addressed the Senate to denounce Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu then changed his tune in 2016 stating that him and Biden have had a 30-year friendship. He even called Biden mishpucha.

His son is married to a Jewish woman and also attends Passover seder with his son and his wife.

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