Carol Green Ungar
Carol Green Ungar

The Ugly Truth about Anti Semitism

There’s been a resurgence of anti-Semitism accompanied by much righteous anger,  hand wringing.  long faces, and self-pity.

Yes, Anti Semitism is ugly. There is no excuse for it but we Jews are a special people. The Torah says it straight–we are the am segula--we enjoy a special relationship with G-d and with that comes increased responsibility. We must keep our side of the street clean or else the rest of the world will quickly call us out. That’s what is happening today

Who are the best-known Jews on the planet? Jeffrey Epstein. Bernie Madoff, Harvey Weinstein, and the Sackler clan. Need I say more.

These days  so many Jews are locked  behind bars that the Otisville federal penitentiary now offers kosher food. Not a credit to the brand.

This should not be happening but it is.

And nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

We need to join hands, all Jews of all stripes and unite around this issue. We need to become the people we are meant to be, the people G-d wants us to be, people who never perjure ourselves,  cheat on our taxes,  cut on the highway,  double park, or decieve our business partners, shareholders, or spouses.

Imagine a world in which the word Jew no longer means “to bargain with someone in a miserly or petty way.”

Once upon a time, Jews took pride in ehrlichkeit–a Yiddish word meaning honesty.  We called ourselves Bnai Yeshurun, the children of straightness, and now?

Do you want to know how to make someone hate you? Steal from them, cheat them, deceive them. That will do it.

A famous 20th-century rabbi observed that the holocaust was so much deadlier in Eastern Europe than in Germany because the German Jews had better business ethics than their Eastern European peers.

The non-Jewish world is watching us. closely.

They know that we are  G-ds chosen people, and strange as that sounds they want to see us show our best selves.

When Rabbi Noach Muroff a Connecticut high school teacher returned $99,000 which he found in a desk he bought on Craigslist the whole world cheered.

We need to cultivate more Rabbi Muroffs more good and honest Jews who do the right thing, always.

If we can create Jews like that  anti-Semitism will become a thing of the past.

About the Author
Carol Ungar is a prize-winning author who writes from the Judean Hills.
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