The Ultimate Goal of the Exodus and the Initiation of Enoch

Fig. 23 – METATRON This is the name given to Enoch when he was transfigured, as the first fully self-realised person, with full creative power and authority. The name Enoch means ‘Initiate’ because he was, while still incarnate, taken up in a mystic state to the highest of Heaven and shown the meaning and plan of Existence. He founded the first school of the soul and did not taste death because he was taken directly up to the highest Heaven. Here he carries the Staff of Knowledge as the Teacher of teachers. (Byzantine enamel). Source: Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, A Kabbalistic Universe, Kabbalah Society, 2007, p. 79.

In the previous Post, Exodus and Spiritual Transformations of the Human Beings, I introduced the essence of the Etheric, Astral and Causal bodies in connection with the New Cosmic cycle of evolution. In this Post, I will continue the description of the higher bodies, starting with the Buddhic body. Altogether, both Posts describe the model of the New Human Being, who will live in the New Cosmic cycle, in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

The Buddhic Body. Climbing to the top of the Sacred Mountain (Tiferet in the World of Creation) and reaching the third world in the vertical structure of the Universe, we can see the whole Universe but only from the particular viewpoint of one or other side of the mystical mountain. By developing the Buddhic body we could embrace all aspects of the Universe simultaneously and contemplate the reality of the Kingdom of God in its totality. It is said: There are many rooms in my Father’s house. (John 14:2) The different rooms are the spiritual worlds revealed by the world religions as various aspects of the whole of Creation. The purpose of developing the Buddhic body is to contemplate them as one Divine wholeness.

In order to grasp the totality of the Kingdom of God with many mansions, we have to ascend to a state of consciousness, even higher than the top of the Sacred Mountain, which allows us to contemplate all spiritual worlds (‘rooms in the Father’s house’) at once. We can compare this act of illumination with an entry into a gigantic new Mandala which incorporates the numerous visions of the Universe (where the Buddhist Mandala is only one of its constituents). Thus, the development of the Buddhic body combines in one single act of illumination the visions from Mount Meru (in the Buddhist tradition), Mount Kailas (in the Hindu tradition), Mount Zion (in the Judaism tradition), the High Mountain (in the Christian tradition), the Mountain of Truth (in the Islamic tradition), all contemplated together. This is the New Enlightenment bestowed on us now by the CREATOR which illuminates the whole Kingdom of God and its many mansions.

Therefore, the next stage in human evolution after the Second Resurrection (Please see, the previous Post), is to receive a Crown of Initiations. For this purpose, we have to develop the qualities which will enable us to integrate the various initiations. By ascending to the top of the Sacred Mountain through a particular path, we awaken our Divine Self and receive an initiation. All paths activate the same process of Divine awakening, but they are based on different spiritual abilities acquired on the particular path.  So, in order to receive the Crown of Initiations and to contemplate the wholeness of the Kingdom of God, we have (based on the results of the Second Resurrection) to develop many new spiritual qualities related to the activation of the various celestial archetypes.  Obviously, penetration to the opposing, yet complementary, celestial archetypes require the development of different, but complementary, spiritual abilities.  For instance, in order to enter into the spiritual Universe through the microcosmic or macrocosmic gates, we have on the one hand, to develop the ability to focus on the smallest ‘quantums of consciousness’ (as in Buddhism) and, on the other hand, to become able to comprehend the evolution of every form of life over thousands of years (as in the initiation of the Master Beinsa Douno). Thus, the development of the Buddhic Body opens new horizons for human evolution by integrating the results of different spiritual paths in a qualitatively new type of enlightenment – the Crown of Many Initiations.

 The Atmic Body. The Atmic body is the highest spiritual body. After the Atmic body there is only the CREATOR, the Absolute Origin of Being, which is linked with mergence with the CREATOR, Paranirvana, Nirbikalpa Samadhi, with the highest state of mystical experience beyond form, time, space, i.e., beyond the manifestation of Creation. So, as one could imagine, the next merging has to be with the One who sits on the Throne of God, with Metatron. Merging with G-d on the Throne is the development of the Atmic Body. When we develop the Atmic Body we could become co-creators with G-d.

Co-creation with G-d is an even higher state of Being than receiving the Crown of Initiations. It is only through the miracle of Co-creation with G-d that we can completely unfold the Divine potential of our higher Selves. Moreover, Co-creation is the way in which we can express the uniqueness of our spirits, ‘printed’ in us from the very beginning of our evolution. By developing our Atmic Body each one of us will receive a unique mission in the great apocalyptic process of re-creation of the world. And because we will be in G-d’s consciousness and the CREATOR will act through us, our unique missions will be inscribed in the Great Divine Plan for the new world.

Co-creation with God is the highest stage of human evolution on Earth. It comes after the First Resurrection (our ascent into the celestial worlds), after the Second Resurrection (which leads us to the Top of the Sacred Mountain) and after receiving the Crown of Initiations (which makes us immortal citizens of the Holy City, embracing its wholeness). The new stage of Co-creation with God will help us to develop the highest Divine qualities, abilities and virtues of Sons and Daughters of God who participate actively in the evolution of the Universe. Finally, Co-creation with God will help us to build ourselves as Divine Temples where the Divine Spirit will remain forever.

In order to develop our spiritual bodies, the human beings have to undergo spiritual transformations – one after another, helped by the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother. Here it is important to note that now a very important aspect for the development of the spiritual bodies is the mergence with the Second Coming (or the New Coming) of the Divine Masters, Male and Female, in the Messianic Line of the new Heavenly Jerusalem cosmic cycle.

The Divine Self, Merging with ADAM KADMON. We were born from Divine Light, and we will return back to it! (The Master Beinsa Douno). Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi in his book A Kabbalistic Universe describes the ultimate state of human consciousness reaching the Heaven of Heavens: The uppermost Heaven, called Arabot, is perceived as a vast plain or a bank of endless cloud and sometimes as the surface of a vast cosmic sea. Taken as the Beriatic supernal triad Keter-Hokhmah-Binah, it is the Heaven of Heavens, the most Divine part of Creation because it is closest to the CREATOR in Keter…It is from here, that the generations of spirits are created and return in their purest state after their descent into the imperfect Worlds below. Here, too, is found the Divine Dew that will revive the dead on the Day of Resurrection; that is when the great Shemittah reaches its jubilee phase of return after completing its cosmic round. According to another Biblical legend, the Light that was called forth on the first Day of Creation and is found in the seventh Heaven is of an order that enables a man to see from one end of the World to the other.   (Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, A Kabbalistic Universe, Kabbalah Society, London, 2007, p. 66-67)

In another of his books, The Way of Kabbalah, Halevi states that: Tradition says that every creature utters the supreme Divine Name, EHYEH – I AM, on being created and on its return to its Maker. It is the spiritual realisation of this Name and its accompanying Divine state that Kabbalists seek while still incarnate, unless they wish to go beyond and so never return from a complete union with the Crown of Crowns. (Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, The Way of Kabbalah, Kabbalah Society, London, 2007, p. 228) In Kabbalah this state of consciousness is called Yechidah and corresponds to the unique spark of Divine light at the centre of the self.

So, in the Heaven of Heavens, after coming back, we could experience the Divine Dew on the Day of Resurrection, the Light that was called forth on the first Day of Creation, the Word which was the first of all sounds to be heard in Manifest Existence, which is the supreme Name of God: EHYEH – I AM! 

In this highest state of consciousness, we could see not only from one end of the World to the other, but could embrace the past, the present, and the future of Humankind. It is well known that Buddha, during his Enlightenment, was able to see everything what existed in the past, everything what is existing in the present, and everything what could exist in the future. In our state, at this level of cosmic consciousness, we could contemplate the wholeness of the outgoing Indo-European cycle, the dramatic transition to the new cosmic cycle, and the coming new Heavenly Jerusalem cosmic cycle! This might happen through the contemplation of the Messianic Line from the previous cycle and the activated Messianic Line of the New Coming of the Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine on an etheric level.

In the last, twenty-seventh chapter, End of Days, Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi concludes his monumental book A Kabbalistic Universe with the following anticipation after the end of the Indo-European cosmic cycle: After the End of Days, at the Tiferet of Azilut, the CREATOR wills another general Shemittah (Cycle – LM) to unfold the new Universe. In this next sefirotic step are the seeds of everything great and small, high and low, that will happen in the following manifestation of Existence which thus proceeds, cosmic cycle by cosmic cycle, towards the Jubilee of Jubilees. In this final and full realisation of everything Called forth, Created, Formed and Made, the Immanence present will directly mirror the Transcendent. Thus, the original of all intentions will be fulfilled when all the Worlds are unified in the image of fully divine Adam, so that there is no separation as God beholds God. (Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, A Kabbalistic Universe, p. 247).

In this supreme state of consciousness, the whole picture of the new Heavenly Jerusalem cycle will be revealed to us, as we will see the integral light of all Heavens. All the Sefiroth will be transparent, dynamic, interconnected, interacting Divine emanations of the CREATOR, Who radiates the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle, with New Heaven, New Earth and New Humankind. In this level of Divine consciousness, we will attain the supreme Truth of Human Being as the perfect image of universal reality, as an organic part of the essence of ADAM KADMON! This is the Initiation of the legendary Enoch!

I would like to finish this Post by expressing my deep gratitude and great appreciation for the Divine Soul and Spirit of the late Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, who revealed to us so many secrets of the eternal Kabbalistic Teaching! Peace and Light to his Soul and may G-d bless him with the Initiation of Enoch!

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