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The UN’s Guterres, the international community, and the double standard

Once again, there is a terrible double standard being applied to Israel. This time the leader of the pack is UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres but the whole international community is lining up right there with him. According to “UN News,” a daily publication of the United Nations which is sent all over the world daily by email, “Mr. Guterres is in the Middle East to witness UN preparations to be able to deliver MASSIVE (bold mine) support to Gaza.” Nor is Guterres alone. According to the United Nations there are presently over 3,000 TONS of  “humanitarian  aid” in Egypt waiting to be brought into Gaza. Russia alone has 27,000 TONS of “humanitarian aid” in Egypt ready to be brought into Gaza.

Meanwhile, the war rages on. Meanwhile Hamas is holding more than 200 people hostage. Meanwhile the terrorists continue to fire missiles into Israel. Meanwhile I live in Tel Aviv far enough from Gaza that I have a whole 90 seconds to get to my safe room before the missile can land here, something I did numerous times two nights ago. Meanwhile Israel defends itself.

The reality is this: long before Hamas took over and there was no blockade. Gaza was terribly poor. It was never part of Israel, but in 1967, when Egypt attempted to invade Israel and wipe it off the face of the earth, it had an army stationed there. Israel defeated that army as it did the rest of the Egyptian army. According to President Jimmy Carter, who served as mediator at the negotiations which were held in1978 that led to a treaty between Israel and  Egypt, Israel’s Prime Minister Begin  attempted to get Egypt to take back control of Gaza, but Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat refused. I will never know why, but the fact that Gaza was an economic disaster and apparently had no natural resources may have factored into his decision. It was only after Hamas took over Gaza and started firing missiles at Israeli civilians, every one of them a war crime, that Israel imposed a blockade on Gaza.

Since Hamas took over Gaza, virtually none of the countries that are sanctimoniously demanding that “humanitarian aide” be allowed into Gaza has attempted to bring the people of Gaza people aid. Israel, in contrast, has allowed 10,000 Gazans to work in Israel. Israel has been a market for goods made in Gaza.

The countries that are lining up to bring “humanitarian aid” to Gaza claim that what they are doing will NOT assist Hamas. That is simply NOT true. If,  “humanitarian aid” improves the economic conditions of Gazans, Hamas will undoubtedly claim that slaughtering Israelis works. Hamas will claim that taking hostages works.  Hamas will claim that terrorism works.

So far the amount of “humanitarian aid” promised to Israel by all the donating  countries combined to Israel is 0

0 to the kibbutzim near Gaza which need to be rebuilt.

0 to the people whose homes have been damaged or destroyed by the Gazan terrorist

0 to children who must grow up without parents, because Hamas murdered them.

0 to the adults whose children were decapitated by Hamas.

0 to the victims of Hamas rape.

0 to the people in Israel whose homes have been and are being damaged or destroyed by terrorist rockets.

.0 to the children whose parents were murdered.

0 to the parents whose children were decapitated or murdered by Hamas.

0 to the women who have been raped by members of Hamas.

0 to the people who have been forced to flee to the north to escape terrorists’ rockets.

0 to the people who have generously housed and fed them.

The whole world expresses horror at Hamas’ assault on Israelis, but when it comes to “humanitarian aid”. they fail to put their money where their mouth is. Apparently in the eyes of the international community, Israelis  are not virtuous enough or needy enough to obtain “humanitarian aid” from the international community.

Apparently Israel, the world’s only Jewish and democratic state, whose coffers are being significantly reduced by this war is not worthy of international “humanitarian aid”.

Clearly a double standard is being applied here.  I can only speculate as to why.

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Before making Aliyah from the United States, I spent over three decades as a lawyer in the United States. My practice involved handling many civil rights cases, including women's- rights cases, in State and Federal courts. I handled numerous constitutional cases for the ACLU and argued one civil rights case in the United States Supreme Court. I chaired the Colorado Supreme Court's Committee on the Rules of Criminal Procedure and served on the Colorado Supreme Court's Civil Rules and Rules of Evidence Committees. Since much of my practice involved the public interest, I became interested in environmental law and worked closely with environmental organizations, including the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). I was on the Rocky Mountain Board of EDF. I received an award from the Nebraska Sierra Club as a result of winning a huge environmental case that was referred to me by EDF. I also developed significant knowledge of hazardous and radioactive waste disposal. I was involved in a number of law suits concerning waste disposal, including a highly-political one in the United States Supreme Court which involved the disposal of nuclear waste. As I child I was told by my mother, a German, Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany, that Israel was a place for her and her child. When I first visited Israel many years later, I understood what she meant. My feeling of belonging in Israel caused me to make Aliyah and Israel my home. Though I am retired now, I have continued my interest in activism and the world in which I find myself.
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