The UN’s part of the Gaza story

Doesn’t it seem cynical that the emphasis of the world when it comes to issues concerning the Jewish state immediately tilts towards religious, ideological or sentimental lines? And that majority of the decisions reached by certain Arab power brokers, would rather proscribe Israel than condemn terror attacks on her?

The events at the UN within the last 48 hours have brought to bear just as it has always done, her biased nature while treating issues concerning the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

During the period of the Nakba protests, the UN chief, UN human rights council and other of her parastatals openly criticised the Idf for her actions while protecting Israel’s borders, with the UN committee on the exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people (CEIRPP) calling it “excessive and disproportionate use of force.”

While the UN had failed to see any wrong in Hamas attempts to breach the border of a sovereign state and disrupt the civil liberties of it’s free citizens, they found it much more convenient to align themselves with a terror group which have openly called for the annihilation of Israel than proscribe such actions as been a threat to the civil rights of all humans. Within the past few days while the UN had refused to condemn Abbas the Palestinian president for the ill statement he made concerning the Holocaust, these same folks could vote, sending investigators into Gaza to examine what they claim were human right abuses.

More to it, amidst the struggle to recover from this shock of the UN’s percieved contempt for the Jewish state, they have yet added another, this time finding no wrong in the rocket attacks by hamas on Jewish civilain population.

It is becoming glaring, that on the international stage, while accusing the Jews of being hard on protecting its own borders, and Unjust towards Gaza, it is the UN themselves that are been unjust in addressing the issues in Gaza. These folks who content themselves by sitting over in their chambers and passing resolutions aimed at demonizing the Jewish state will never sit to reconsider or look critically to see the resultant effects of these ignominious resolutions they pass; nor would they like impartial mediators, consider issues based on truth and historical accuracy rather than on sentiments and religious idiosyncrasies.

Most recently the blocking of a resolution at the UN security council (which was meant to unanimously condemn Hamas terror acts in southern Israel) by Kuwait, only served to reinforce the notion that the UN is an anti-Israel propaganda organisation.

Beyond reasonable doubts, it isn’t far-fetched to infer that to the UN, “It is easier and cheaper to criticise Israel for defending herself against terror acts, than to proscribe terrorism.”

About the Author
S Ovwata Onojieruo is a Theologian and Political scientist, with major interest in Political theory, Middle-east politics (especially as it affects the Jewish state), and international relations. He currently works as an High school tutor/debate coach, and can be reached on twitter @OvwataS
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