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The UNunited Nations.

This time the UN General Assembly became a platform for legalizing the unilateral position of participating countries. There was no single general line and agenda at the Assembly meetings. Even the war in Ukraine did not become such a topic.

Each side had its own specific goal. President Biden used the GA as a stage for his “We must, and we will” campaign. The speech was given as a part of presidential campaign, emphasizing American financial investments in different parts of the world. After all, it is still capitalism that rules the world. Isn’t it? This time President Zelensky was philosophizing, talking about the nuclear threat, pitting the countries of the Western world against Russia. Kiev, apparently, has decided to change the rhetoric of its foreign policy, moving away from requests for help, but using the theme of fear that if Russia is not reined in now, the world will plunge into another world war. Russia, represented by Foreign Minister Lavrov, promoted its favorite theme about Western neo-colonialism. Ukraine as an independent topic was not mentioned in the speech of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry at all. It is worth noting that Lavrov spoke in Russian. Despite the fact that representatives of many countries, even Zelensky spoke English (although speaking in Ukrainian language would certainly have added flavor to his speech). The head of government of the State of Israel Netanyahu certainly returns home victorious. Not a single head of the State of Israel has achieved such results in terms of foreign policy projects and strategically important long-term (namely long-term) prospects for the State. I am sure that Netanyahu has thus increased his chances of serving until the end of the current government’s term. Even despite the fierce struggle within the country over the issue of legal reform. After all, again, it is capitalism that rules the world. Isn’t it?

The UN General Assembly demonstrated, among other things, the unipolarity of the world. During the US President’s speech, the hall was packed. In addition to the presence of all delegations in their seats, people crowded along the walls of the plenary hall. It is the United States that sets the trends in world politics. Many were present for this very reason – to find out what the world holds in the future. No other representative of the delegation could boast of such popularity. Even though Ukraine has been occupying all the front pages of the world media for a year and a half, during Zelensky’s speech the hall was 1/5 full. Is it because of Zelensky’s personality or because of the position that Kyiv is promoting at the official level? It’s hard to say.

Many experts are inclined to believe that the UN as a world organization is in a deep crisis. May be. But there is no alternative to the UN, and it is unlikely to arise. This requires unity of the world, which does not happen in practice. Let me remind you that the very idea of ​​creating the UN arose during the Second World War and was agreed upon by the countries participating in the anti-Hitler coalition. For one reason or another, Ukraine today is not a unifying factor, but rather a “bone of discord.” But, unfortunately, we can state the fact that today The United Nations is not anymore united.

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