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The US embassy, the 3,000 year old truth, Gaza, and the hand-wringing kvetchers

As I watched the ceremony of the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel, there were moments when I had tears in my eyes. But in the middle of the proceedings, an interesting thought occurred to me.

This actually should not have been such a big deal. Sure there are ceremonies when embassies open, but not like this.

In a normal universe where Jew-hatred wasn’t a planet-wise default emotion, where this embassy move hadn’t taken forever, and where the usual Jewish far left chest-beaters weren’t kvetching, this would have been an opening where a few diplomats showed up — maybe, along with some staff, most already sitting at their desks, where the country’s national anthem was played or sung — maybe, but probably not, where a quick speech was given by the ambassador – impromptu and nothing special, and then done. Over.

The doors would then have opened and the visa seekers would have walked in looking for the passport counter.

This really was a big deal. Partly because, as I noted, the capital thing should have happened already, long ago. But also because of the media’s breathless anticipation of Palestinian violence – and of course, the blood-seeking imbeciles got their wish.

See, the biased media and the Israel-haters feed off each other. The unwitting, and the witting, dimwits want to see Israel bashed, and the haters and Israel-bashers are always willing to oblige. And vice versa.

We always hear about the cycle of violence, the disgusting, indecent, immoral moral equivalence, when the real cycle of violence is the violence to truth and fairness done by the two partners-in-crime mobs.

I have listened to the politicians and the pundits, read the columns and the social media garbage written by the haters and more distressingly by the self-haters and the self-ashamed. Kumbaya, here we go again.

Let’s be clear. Israel would prefer to live in peace and not have to hurt anyone. But all the violence and loss of life on the day of the embassy opening and before at the Gaza border is on Hamas. ALL OF IT. No one else is responsible. Not Donald Trump. Not Benjamin Netanyahu.

Also, it is so sad when Hamas supporters take their children to such a volatile area. They don’t know what is happening and what could happen? So very sad for children, even infants, to be used in such a contemptible way. But it makes for good propaganda, doesn’t it?

Had the US opened its embassy in Jerusalem, Israel after any peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority (which does not want peace), does anyone think Hamas would not still riot – and no, what those in Gaza are doing is not peaceful – and would not try to infiltrate Israel?

Should Israel allow terrorists to break through its border to do what the murderers do best and have done so many times, butcher innocents? What other country would allow this?

The rioting and the firebombing and the attempted infiltrations have been going on for a bit now and not because of the embassy, but as a lead-up to the milestone of Israel’s 70th anniversary.

What should Israel have done? Disintegrate to make the terrorists happy? And the barbarians who stab babies, shoot Rabbis and students, and run over old women don’t need an excuse anyway, do they?

And again, that media/terrorists feeding off each other thing, know what I mean?

Speaking of the press, we hear, “They are non-violent, peaceful protestors!” “None of them are armed!” and incredibly, I have heard from “journalists” quite a number of times already, “But no Israeli soldier has been killed!” Not fair!

Never mind that Hamas, if it doesn’t do the nasty terror deed itself, encourages its followers to take weapons to the riots and to rush the fence and try to take it down or get through. These directives have not been reported by the “reporters.”

Well, how many killed Israeli soldiers would you like? The same number as the Hamas terrorists, and the Hamas-supporting rioters, and the failed murderous infiltrators? Would 20 suffice? No. You want it even, don’t you? Would twice as many dead Israelis make you happy? More??

The haters just cannot stand it that we Jews have become a whole lot better at living than dying.

Hamas is a genocidal organization openly calling for the death of the Jewish people and the destruction of Israel, and it disgusts me when appeasers on the far left — politicians, the media, Hollywooders and others, especially Jews on the far left, so consumed by their hatred for the US president and the Israeli prime minister, cast ANY blame in a direction other than where it rightly lies.

There is no excuse, NO EXCUSE AT ALL, for terrorism, certainly because of any diplomatic decision.

To justify those who attempt murder, and who cynically and tragically use human shields, IN ANY WAY BY BLAMING OTHERS, does not only turn morality on its head, but it gives aid and comfort to those who celebrate terrorism as a means to an end, as well as to the anti-Semitic BDS movement.

And any rationalization actually degrades those for whom the uncomfortable weak-kneed have so much compassion by reinforcing the view that the Palestinians are completely unable to act in a civil manner.

The empathetically-misguided hand-wringers, so many not heard from as half a million Syrians were being killed, and I can list so many other examples of selective memory and condemnation – would not last five minutes were they to take their elitist, politically-correct, guilt-ridden, radical, intersectional gobbledygook to the strip of land for which they find themselves so apologetic, outraged, and concerned.

Like here and in any democracy, Israel chooses its leaders. But unlike what many on the left and the Jewish left here in the US think, many on the left in Israel (except for the most extreme) are united with the current government when it comes to security, the Iran nuclear deal, and the US Embassy. Polls consistently show it.

Israel is on the front line and Israel chooses. I haven’t always liked everything done or said by Israeli prime ministers or Israeli governments, but I am here, not there.

Israel chooses.

And if the next parliamentary election were held today, it would choose as it did in the last election; in fact, the ruling party and its coalition would increase. I know that is a very bitter pill for the hand-wringers and Kumbaya singers doing their best to embarrass Israel here and elsewhere to swallow.

Congratulations Israel on your 70th Independence Day, on your 51st Jerusalem Day, and on your new embassy in your eternal and undivided capital, Jerusalem, Israel. I am proud my country finally recognized the 3,000 year old truth of that ancient and golden city.

One last thing. Israel chooses. And thank God for that.

I edited this column shortly after publication to include more information that became available.

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Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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