The US is Enabling Hamas Through the UN

The US chose to abstain rather than vetoing a UN Security Council Resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Israel’s war against Hamas without tying that ceasefire to the release of the Israeli and American hostages held by Hamas.

By doing so, the US has undermined the ongoing negotiations to release the hostages because it has taken away Israel main bargaining chip — a ceasefire. What incentive does Hamas now have to release the hostages?

The US, or more correctly, the Biden administration, has given Hamas the green light to continue holding the hostages and fighting Israel, through its acceptance of the UN Security Council resolution.

President Biden has folded to the pressure exerted against him by the left wing of his Democrat party who are threatening to withhold their votes in several key swing states with significant Arab and pro Hamas populations. He has chosen votes over virtue and support of terrorists and murderers over a close ally and the only democracy in the Middle East fighting to defend itself.

Shame on Joe Biden and the Democrat party for supporting Hamas instead of doing all it can to force Hamas to release the hostages, including American citizens, and surrender.

As Senator Rubio said in an interview on Sunday, this war could be over immediately if Hamas surrenders and releases the hostages. But as long as the international community, and the Biden administration, continue to side with Hamas, both Palestinians and Israelis will continue to suffer and die.

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Arnie Singer is a writer, rabbi, marketer and founder of IsraelAM, a daily Israel news email that you can read in less than 2 minutes. He believes in balanced reporting and telling it like it is.
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