The US is not behaving as a responsible superpower

The country’s current self-confessed goal is being Planet Earth’s police force. We can see this from a million different things. Still, the most apparent tell-signs are their dominancy in the leadership of organizations like the UN or NATO, and their chain of military bases worldwide. 

The US decided it was going to act as a police force in the world. And not some idealized version of the police either. It has decided to become a police force like the ones operating inside its borders. 

Brutal, self-serving, racist, and murderous police departments. That’s the image the US is determined to embody as officers of the world. 

Now they obviously don’t confess this to the world, but in their actions, nothing is more apparent. Being a police force, it has the power to decide what is wrong and what is right to do in a given scenario. Want an example? It’s extremely easy to give multiple. 

The Iraq War. Vietnam. The Korean War. 1953’s Iranian Coup. 

All examples of the US deciding to intervene because of a slight inconvenience they would have had to face if a certain country’s government would become slightly unfriendly with them. 

People everywhere outside NATO know and detest this. 

But still, the US, at least in some circles, is supposed to be a well-intentioned security force. 

But the truly vulnerable will never get its protection, at least not, in the same way it protects EU and NATO-aligned states and interests. Those whose sole goal is to hurt marginalized groups, know and abuse this fact.

Specifically, I’m thinking of Israel’s Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, who recently got the green light to do just about anything he wants in the occupied Palestinian territories. Anything, in his case, means exporting more and more Jewish Israelis to new settlements in Palestine. 

This is cause for revolt, even from the US side, because from their point of view, their puppy just got a bit disobedient. Maybe even Biden draws a line somewhere. 

But as it is every time, the punishment for crimes normally regarded as heinous is a strongly worded letter addressed to Mr. Netanyahu himself, who, as we all know, cares deeply for his beloved Palestinians. 

We know what type of police force the US is, as it patrols the world, looking for a sufficiently brown-skinned person to persecute, and jumping to its buddies’ defense if they get into hot water.

All this is just to say that even as Israel’s government crosses another and another red line, retribution from its main proponent never comes. The only thing this accomplishes is that Israel now knows that nothing that it does will be out of line. Nothing is out of line when a sole superpower reigns the world and when it happens to be not a particularly responsible one. 

The Palestinians can’t count on the Americans so it’s no surprise that Abbas, their Prime Minister is looking for alternatives in the East. 

The United States as the world’s police force is a great argument for, if anything, defunding the police. 

Its sole purpose is to defend the most powerful and their interests and to have complete disregard for the needs of the many, the poor, and the oppressed.

About the Author
Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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