Christos Loutradis
Christos Loutradis

The vital need of an Israeli-Greek alliance

One of the journalistic cliches that dominate the global media discourse is that nothing is the same in the field of international relations and in particular in the area of the Middle East. However, the critical difference from the widely used media cliches of the previous period is that that this particular media stereotype is actually true.

The area of Middle East starting from the Syrian civil war that lasts more than five years, the Iranian endeavor to come forward as an Muslim superpower in the region and Turkey’s slide from a democratic and secular state to an authoritarian political system of governance a single leader that will not obey to any system of check and balances, is obvious that generate new dimensions and dynamics that demand an holistic new approach from the mayor players of the region.
In particular, after the Turkish Referendum and Erdogan’s questionable win, Turkey cannot be acknowledged as a moderate Muslim country that produces stable and reasonable political acts. It is more than obvious that Erdogan’s political philosophy of neo-othomanism stands against the need of our societies for a peaceful Middle East with reasonable political actors that are focused in peace and prosperity and stay far away from a populist and nationalistic agenda that only produces misery in particular for their societies as the recent history has shown.

In addition, the upcoming elections in Iran and the political strategy from the conservative political spectrum to dominate the election procedure and the next president of Iran, it is alarming. It is almost sure that the new Iranian President even if he is not from the conservative spectrum of the Iranian political system , he will not have the flexibility to promote policies that will move forward the Iranian society to a more pragmatic approach towards the issues that Iran faces decades now.

All the above mentioned dynamics of our region signal the importance of the cooperation between Israel and Greece as the only democracies and secular states in the region. The alliance of Greece and Israel in a wide range of issues is not anymore a political choice that the Government’s of the two nations can or cannot do. It is vital not only for the stability of the region but mainly for securing their common future in this turbulent area of the world, where there are no hard facts that you can stick to and schedule your future.

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Chris graduated from the University of Panteion with a bachelors in sociology, and earned an MSc in Media , Culture and Society at the University of Essex. He was a trainee at Thomson Reuters, and worked at various news websites, such as Huffington Post Greek edition, Hurriyet Daily news and others.
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