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The vote for the future of Israel: War inevitable

Israel vs Iran

How many people vote for the entire program and not mottos in the Israeli elections? For sure nice slogans have a massive influence on society. But what and who is behind them? The Israeli electoral field is very complicated and diverse. However, all the time, most Israelis vote for the same, let’s say, 5 to 7 parties with the same program with some minor changes for decades. Israeli mastodon politics need to give bright young politicians a chance to bring their teams to power. Modern problems require solutions that came out of the business of the 21st century.

Despite all mentioned above, election day is almost over, and soon the State of Israel will learn the names of the following Knesset members. There are enormous economic challenges that the new Knesset will have to fight for the next five years (I hope). Most of them are about tax rates, the price of real estate, rising prices, etc.

But domestic policy is only 50% of ruling the country and fighting for its success. The other half is about choosing directions in foreign affairs. The World became colorful and bright for almost 30 years after the official end of the Cold War. However, the World became black and white on the 24th of February, 2022. The whole World became bipolar again. Western democracies now oppose the Axis of evil led by the Russian Federation. And it’s appeared that Russia is not the second strongest army in the World, and its “best friend,” Iran has a unique chance to test and improve all of its military power in an acting conflict.

Over the last dozen years, Iran supplied different terrorist groups all over the Middle East with its weapons and technologies to fight Israel and other pro-Western countries. But the best option to test and improve Iranian technologies was given to the Islamic state by Russia during its war in Ukraine. This military cooperation seriously affected the Jewish state’s future war with Iran since Russia massively updated primitive Iranian UAVs, rockets, and other weapons.

The latest news tells us that Russia can deploy ballistic missiles supplied by Iran on the Northern border of Ukraine. It was announced today by the spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat.

He added that one type of missile the Russian Federation can get has a range of 300 km and another – of 700 km.

Yuriy Ignat clarified that the Armed Forces would use all means of protection against Iranian missiles. However, these missiles are ballistic, and Ukraine currently does not have anti-missile weapons to eliminate them.

Why is this news essential for the future Israeli government? Simply because it is the first clash of Iranian technologies with the western means of rocket protection and radars system in such amount. Until the first use of Iranian ballistic missiles, their nuclear threat looks more like a bluff. But when we see their ballistic weapons in the real combat field, we will see that the World downplays the Iranian threat.

By 2022 the only country that massively fights Iranian weapons and technologies is Ukraine, not Israel. It seems so ridiculous, but this is true. I am 100% sure that Israel has to take the side not only on the level of civil society but on the government level because the ongoing war in Ukraine is a direct threat to peace in Europe and the Middle East. The next strike of Iranian drones equipped with Russian sensors and missiles directed by Russian radars and specialists will attack Tel Aviv and Haifa. This is the aim of Iranian existence because this was the goal of all USSR policies on the Middle East. I would recall that Russia is a successor of the USSR in all meanings.

In conclusion, I’d love to quote the latest interview of the President of Ukraine, Zelensky, Israeli Channel 12:

“Aid is not only money and military supplies. It is choosing the right side. Neither Ukraine nor I personally need intermediaries after the Russian invasion. We need friends and partners. We must know, and you must choose – are you friends? It’s like “to be or not to be.” Show us that you are friends.

This choice has to be made by the government elected today because the next big war will be in the Middle East. This will be a local Israeli challenge or a continuing battle of the Democratic World against the primitive order. It is a crucial choice. Don’t miss it.

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Ilya Bezruchko is CEO of the co-working network in Ukraine, a blogger and the Jewish activist.
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