The Whole World: Pan-demic

It is difficult to wrap one’s head around Coronavirus effecting our entire civilization.

The whole reality seems to be contadictory. On the one hand we are all in the same boat. We all feel vulnerable, and together we seek solutions, responses short and long-term.

On the other hand we are isolating, social distancing and moving apart and away; schools, work places, travel, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings.

Essentially we are moving apart to come together. We are separating for defense and protection in order to be united in a better, more wholesome way.

The world was created for habitation-עולם לשבת יצרה.

The world had been in a chaotic state. Strife on every level; man against brother, country against its neighbor, left party vs right party, all versions of humanity countering one another.

Finally the world begins breaking apart. A lack of cohesion began to cause the spread of a virus that robs one of the very air we all access world-wide, life-giving air. It is the air that is free to each and every human that is under attack. No human hand is controlling it. Our very existence is under attack.

We all breath the same air in the atmosphere and that same free- life giving air-is no longer shareworthy. We must shield, cover, protect from sharing the air in our world. The air of one human has the possibilty of negatively effecting another.

We are entrapped. Our only hope is isolation on every level, even by our very own spouse or blood relation.

Where does this end? Where do we go from here? Who has a solution?

Perhaps it is fair to say that Moshiach is on His way. Moshiach will judge by smell. He will clear the airways throughout the world to purify all impurities, pathogens and create an atmosphere of peace and calm where there is rift and panic. He will bring peace between animal and human where virus has erupted and in the final analysis He will Crown the world with true redemption.

We can only hope and pray.

About the Author
Rochel Kaplan is a communal leader. She is involved in Jewish outreach in the Maryland region, promoting adult Jewish education based on Torah teachings and Chassidic philosophy, as a guide for Jewish life.
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