Kirill Solod
The Golda Meir Institute for Political and Social studies

The world is going crazy

Despite the fact that the State of Israel is fighting Hamas terrorists (as confirmed by all the Western countries), there is an unprecedented surge in antisemitic acts in Europe. The fact that supporters of Hamas (and Palestine) are on streets of the European capitals with posters and shouts against Jews confirms that Hamas acts precisely against Jews, and not against Israel or in defense of the integrity of the Palestinian Authority. This is a very important point and needs to be realized. Antisemitism is once again becoming a global phenomenon.

“Support” visits by European leaders to Israel are an attempt to abdicate responsibility for what is happening in their capitals. Some leaders, in addition to visiting Israel, intend to clear their cities of illegal immigrants who, being inspired by Hamas, appear with weapons in their hands. Those countries that are most active in the fight against illegal immigrants were those that had seen an increase in nationalist sentiment even before October 7 (such as Poland, Germany, Italy).

Personally, I believe that antisemitism is an artificial phenomenon, implanted and orchestrated. Most global antisemitic campaigns were and still are systematically conducted in the same way – started for similar reasons, conducted using the same set of approaches and tools.

Antisemitic campaigns have a direct impact on world politics, economics, and public life. Today, in addition to supporting Israel, it is necessary to protect and support the Jewish community in Europe. According to the latest data, more than 100,000 Israeli citizens have left the country. By the end of the war, many times more Jews will “return” to Israel, because this is still the safest place for Jews (even today). Therefore, if Europe truly values its Jewish citizens and does not want their mass exodus, then it is necessary to take all necessary measures and save the world before it goes completely crazy.

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Political advisor. Research analyst. Government Relations, International Affairs, Political Sociology. Head of The Golda Meir Institute for Political and Social studies and managing partner of the Institute of Political Consulting LS GROUP. Former consultant to M. Gorbachev on public relations. Former head of NGOs in Russia. MBA, Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, 2010). Repatriated to Israel in 2017.
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