The world media reacts to Jerusalem attack

There is a certain dread that fills our heart whenever we hear “breaking news” from Israel.  Almost instinctively, the base of our stomachs seem to give way, as we wait for the almost inevitable news that follows.

Today was such a day.

And once again, true to form as always, the international media shows its callousness with headlines that seem to disassociate those who attack from those who are attacked.

CNN:                           4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians dead

New York Times:        Four Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Complex

Sky News:                  Six dead after Jerusalem synagogue attack


Yet, from just a few days and weeks earlier, we see headlines like this from the same publications:

CNN:                           Israeli troops kill Palestinian man in West Bank clashes

New York Times:        Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Teenager in the West Bank, the 2nd in 8 Days

Sky News:                  Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli troops


You see, for some reason, when Jews are killed, the media don’t like to apportion too much blame.  They… simply just die.  Kind of like if a big slab of concrete just fell out of the sky and landed on them.

Yet, if a Palestinian dies, then it’s completely different.  There is no problem with assigning the blame directly and with a certain twisted relish as well.

But despite the despicable behaviour of international media, we Jews – those in Israel and those outside – along with the many people who support us, know the truth – and we’re aren’t getting it from “The Most Trusted Name in News”.

What happened was simple – two Palestinian men entered a Synagogue, armed with guns and axes in their hands, and evil in their hearts.  They decided, not on a whim, but with a planned purpose, to murder however many Jews they could.  Their motivation was high, spurred on by the leader the world hails as moderate.  Abbas had called on Palestinians to stop the Jews from entering the Temple Mount, using “all means necessary”.  Today, those means were guns and axes.

And in their bloody wake, lies shattered families, broken hearts, despair and grief.  Dreams that will never be lived.  Goals that will never be met.  Love that will never be shared.  Laughter that will never be heard again.  Lives that will never be the same, and just a few more scars on a nation littered with them.

But by watching the international media, you will not see their stories, or feel their pain, or look into the eyes of their family and friends as emptiness and sadness pushes all the love away.  Instead, as Israel buries its dead, Spain will vote on the recognition of a Palestinian State.

Israel needs the story of its people shown as well.

The slogan of Sky News is “We’re there when you need us”.  Well, today, when Israel is bleeding and hurting and crying, we need you.

Why aren’t you there?

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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