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The world puts the pressure on Israel

Credit: David Kaye

Qatar is now quite confident they can convince President Joe Biden the time has come for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Qatar, who of course host the Hamas leadership in their tiny Gulf state, know that Biden is desperate for a ceasefire in order to appease not just the progressive wing of the Democrat party, but literally hundreds of thousands of voters who right now intend to boycott the election in November.

The White House and Biden himself can continue to talk about “American hostages” being held in Gaza, but the fact is they were all taken from Israel, not America, and they were all taken because they are also Israeli.

Let’s remember that the President abandoned so many in Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan, and some were Americans.

This latest statement from Mr Biden which is very critical of Israel is little about a ceasefire and more about catching up with Donald Trump in the polls. Biden needs to prove to Democrat voters that he can deal with growing world threats and the huge volatility from Russia, China, and Iran for another four years.

It was Qatar’s Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, who said a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas should not be conditioned by a hostage release.

“This is the dilemma we’ve been in and unfortunately misused, that in order to get a ceasefire, it’s conditional to have the hostage deal. It shouldn’t be conditioned,” Abdulrahman Al-Thani said.

This is code for a full cessation of the IDF offensive in Gaza as well as a complete withdrawal of troops back to Israel which is when Hamas will dictate the terms.

Rafah is the last strong hold of Hamas and is using the hostages to literally survive. If the fighting was to stop now, those Israeli hostages still alive in Gaza, could be there for years. This is also the view of the opposition who have joined the government.

Benny Gantz said “To those saying the price is too high – I say very clearly, Hamas has a choice. They can surrender, release the hostages, and this way the citizens of Gaza can celebrate the holy holiday of Ramadan.”

He added “Let me be clear, we are operating in Gaza not out of revenge for October 7, but out of a clear conviction to secure our future and the future of Israel’s next generations”.

As the world grows in its condemnation in Israel for daring to defend itself, it has done one important thing. The growing anti-Israel sentiment has brought Israelis together in a way that seemed impossible before October 7.

In addition, it has awoken the sleeping diaspora who can now see the hatred was never about “Israel government policy”. It was not even about opposing the concept of Zionism. It was always about the hatred of the Jewish people that live in Israel an those who identify or are connected with Israel in some form or another.

We know exactly what it is because it has been part of our history for 3,500 years.

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