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The world’s weak reaction to Hamas’ wanton violence

Recently, a rocket fired from Lebanon killed a factory worker in Kiryat Shmona, after dozens of rockets were fired on Israel from Lebanon within the last twenty-four hours. Around the same period of time, the New York Times published chilling testimony from Amit Soussa, an Israeli lawyer who claimed that she was raped while in Hamas captivity: “He, with the gun pointed at me, forced me to commit a sexual act on him.”

While some in the international community are demanding the implementation of a cease-fire, Israel is convinced that just like Azerbaijan did not stop till it reclaimed its territorial integrity, these recent incidents highlight why Israel too cannot stop until the Hamas terror regime in Gaza is overthrown. After all, Hamas is like ISIS.  They will not stop until the State of Israel is obliterated. For them, October 7 is only the beginning. They will repeat it again and again, unless they are stopped. Therefore, we must fight till the end to see that their reign of terror comes to an abrupt end.

According to the Counter-Terrorism of Islamic Theology organization, a Palestinian ISIS terrorist was killed in the battle for Shifa Hospital: “Many Hamas terrorists are also members of ISIS. Ezz ad-Din Al Baloushia, a declared ISIS operative from Gaza City, was killed in the battle for Shifa Hospital. He had Micro Tabor type assault rifles as well as a M-16 that he took as loot when he participated in the October 7 massacre. A declared ISIS operative who was documented swearing allegiance to ISIS was part of the massacre initiated by on October 7.”


This right here underlines the importance of toppling the Hamas terror regime in Gaza for it shows their links to ISIS. ISIS is a brutal murderous terror group, responsible for beheading western journalists, stoning women to death for adultery, throwing gays off the rooftops of buildings, amputating the hands of thieves, burning a Jordanian pilot alive, and committing many other crimes against humanity, such as destroying musical instruments, desecrating minority places of worship and laying ruin to far too many archeological treasures, not to mention sexually enslaving Yezidi, Druze and Christian women.

The testimony of Amit Soussa highlights how female captives in Gaza are being treated not much better than how ISIS treated the Yezidis, Christians and Druze under its rule. As she recalled, “He sat me on the edge of the bath. And I closed my legs. And I resisted. And he kept punching me and put his gun in my face. Then he dragged me to the bedroom.” After the rape, she was left sitting in the dark, naked.

The New York Times article also recalled that on another instance,the guards wrapped her head in a pink shirt, forced her to sit on the floor, handcuffed her, and began beating her with the butt of a gun. After several minutes, they used duct tape to cover her mouth and nose, tied her feet, and placed the handcuffs on the base of her palms, she said. Then she was suspended, hanging “like a chicken” from a stick stretching between two couches, causing her such pain that she felt that her hands would soon be dislocated. They carried on beating and kicking her, focusing on the soles of her feet, while simultaneously demanding information they believed she was hiding from them.”

Yet sadly, already, the Hamas terror organization and others are beginning to undermine her testimony, even though she made the brave decision to speak out publicly about what happened to her in Hamas captivity. The fact that Western outlets would permit the publication of such propaganda against a rape victim speaks volumes about what Israel is up against in the international arena. However, we are not the only country to face such issues. Despite Armenia’s wanton assault on Ganja, the sexual torture implemented on Azerbaijani prisoners of war following the First Karabakh War and other incidents of wanton violence, far too many in the West still sympathize with Armenia.

Peter Lukimson, a leading writer, explained recently to the Azerbaijani media the parallels between Israel’s struggle and that of Azerbaijan: “I remember that in 1990 I published a large article “Karabakh and Palestine: experience of drawing parallels” in the pages of the then newspaper “Elm”. One of its chapters was devoted to the fact that the similarity between the Karabakh and Palestinian conflicts lies, among other things, in the fact that Israel and Azerbaijan are constantly losing the information war. Unfortunately, everything that was said in that article is still relevant today.”

He added: “But ironically, over time we have developed common foes. And you’re right about the fact that they use the same methods concerning both countries and peoples: they openly distort and pervert or simply ignore both historical and seemingly recent facts that happened before everyone’s eyes, deliberately demonize Israel and Azerbaijan, and so on.”

Lukimson stressed that France is a good example of this: “One should understand that France’s hypocritical position towards Azerbaijan and Israel is very pragmatic. The Armenian position is supported by a very strong Armenian lobby, and a huge Arab community backs the Arab position, which today if I am not mistaken, makes up more than 20 per cent of the population of the country. Both represent a huge electoral force that French politicians, especially those of the left-liberal camp, cannot afford to ignore. So, as they say, it’s nothing personal.” However, both Israel and Azerbaijan suffer from their biased position.

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Ayoob Kara served as Minister of Communication, Cyber and Satellite under Netanyahu, in addition to serving as the Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation, Deputy Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galilee and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. He presently is the President of the Economic Peace Center.
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