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The Yisraeli left cult of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court in Jerusalem (Wikipedia)

In a democratic country (not Yisrael), the Supreme Court is not all powerful and able to pass a judgement on every single thing in life.

In a truly democratic country, every single institution and the people serving in it, and that includes the judges of the Supreme Court, have limits, areas where they just have no right to meddle.

For example the Supreme Court cannot pass a ruling that a woman must sleep with someone she doesn’t want or a ruling that you must jump off the roof. I know it sounds so self-evident that you must be thinking: “Come on dude, seriously?” But trust me, in Yisrael the left has such a cultish relation with the Supreme Court that if they were to pass such absurd rulings, there would be people pushing you off the roof because “How dare you challenge a decision of the Supreme Court?”

In truly democratic countries, the Supreme Court is not all powerful and there are clear designed areas where they can and where they cannot rule.

Not here in Yisrael. There are no boundaries set by the law for the rulings of the Supreme Court because the ruling left elite has placed them on a pedestal where they are the smartest, most honest, most enlightened people and thus, they can administrate themselves.

If such laws were voted by the Knesset, the Supreme Court would be annulling them, ensuring that the the voice of the people through its elected members could not do anything to curtail the overwhelming and frankly, dictatorial powers, the Supreme Court has given itself.

There is a reason for the idol worship of the Supreme Court by the Yisraeli left and why there is such a violent opposition to the necessary judicial reform of Yariv Levin.

You see, in the US when Trump appointed more conservative judges, like Brett Kavanaugh, there was a campaign against him that really got out of bound in its viciousness. In all seriousness, the story of Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, objectively raises eyebrows. She claimed the attempted rape happened 30 years ago, can’t remember when, can’t remember where, how she got there, how she left the house, who was at the party, but she knew it was him. And Kavanaugh had already passed 6 background checks for previous posts that didn’t even had the slimmer of a hint of such things.

Any objective person not politically or emotionally invested in his nomination would have been: “Yeahhhhhhh, not entirely sure about this one.”

For the left in the US, opposing Trump’s nominations by any means possible was justified and the reversal of Roe vs Wade gave them the sentiment that they were right all along.

Just a quick one on Roe vs Wade for people in Yisrael.

Contrarily to the false claims of the left, The Supreme Court did not ‘ban’ abortion, they, unlike the Supreme Court in Yisrael, have no such authority because in the US and in every other democratic country, the Supreme Court judges are not Supreme Rulers.

What Roe vs Wade established was that abortion is a constitutional right and as part of the constitution, it must be accepted by all 50 states because while each state can make their own rulings on a variety of issues, whatever is in the constitution (like freedom of speech, assembly, right to own a firearm, etc…) must be respected by all states being a Federal issue.

The recent ruling of the Supreme Court reversed the previous decision, ruling that abortion was NOT a constitutional right (as was the case before Roe vs Wade) and therefore left at the liberty of each state.

The decision is not just academic but painting the direction the country (US) will take in the future. A more ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ country (according to the left’s vision) or a more conservative one.

One thing the left has shown again and again is that for people who call themselves ‘liberals’ and tolerant’ they are among the most intolerant people out there and one of the defining trait of people voting to the left is taking politics emotionally and not being able to deal with it because everything that doesn’t go THEIR way is the end of the world as we know it, which is why a lot of them are very loud and pretty violent.

Which brings us back to Yisrael and the current crisis.

A small anecdote showing how the left has come to be completely unable to look at the whole issue in a calm and collected manner.

Sunday evening started the day of Kippur. The single most important day in the Jewish calendar and one where you must fast, be in prayers and the only one where everything is truly closed, even in less religious cities like Tel Aviv.

A group of Orthodox made a prayer at the Dizengoff Square, one of the centers of the non religious life in Tel Aviv.

As expected, men and women were separated as it is the custom in Jewish prayers.

The Supreme Court however has passed a ruling stating that there can be no gender separation in a public place in Tel Aviv.

They were viciously attacked by a group of enraged non religious people and the way the Supreme Court ass-licking mainstream media has portrayed the confrontation is as if people of Tel Aviv were rightfully angry at a group of ‘religious extremists’ that disregarded the Supreme Court ruling.

But was it? The way the left is defending physical assault and portraying Supreme Court groupies as righteous heroes sure reminds me of cults.

Any normal Supreme Court in a democratic country has no authority WHATSOEVER, to force people who all agree between them to do something (as long as it’s not a crime like murder or theft) that they cannot do it.

I’ve listened to quite a number of reports on the incident and none of them said if the men and women who separated were ok with this.

The left is so intent in making the Supreme Court the substitute for the word of God that they don’t even try to consider the true implications of their rulings.

I’m not a law specialist, but I’m pretty sure that what the Supreme Court meant is that you cannot ENFORCE gender separation in a public place.

A small but crucial difference.

In other words, were the people praying doing gender separation of their own accord while not forcing anyone else to abide by it or were they actively telling to people, you must go there, you cannot be here.

The first case is perfectly ok because as I said, the Supreme Court has no right to tell consenting adults, YOU MUST pray together. If they chose not to do it, even in a public place, it is their absolute right and in no way going against the Supreme Court ruling which (I believe and pretty sure I’m right) says that they cannot force someone to abide by this gender separation.

If the act was completely of free will, there was nothing wrong with it and the people who attacked them were not ‘moral heroes’ but a bunch of hateful freaks who have a problem with religious people and excuse their hate and violence by pretending to defend freedom and the rule of law.

If on the other side, the people praying were actively telling women to not come in the men section and telling other uninvolved women to not pass through them, then yes, that would absolutely be in contrary to the court ruling and unacceptable.

In that case, the leftist who protested them should have called the police, nothing justifies their violence.

‘Protecting’ the Supreme Court has become a euphemism for ‘attacking people I don’t agree with’. Again with the cult-like mentality.

What’s incredible is that the mainstream media who is every single day whining about ‘the rule of the law’ has no problem with people appointing themselves as ‘the keepers of the law’ and taking said law into their own hands.

Talk about irony.

The left (and a part of the center-right that is true) fears the Judicial Reform will be a template to pass more stringent religious laws and before we know it we will be a theocratic dictature.

I understand their fear, but the judicial reform will not bring about a dictature, this is a lie propagated to scare people into opposing the reform. There won’t be an annulation of elections or banning of other political parties. The majority of the right would, rightfully, oppose such radical steps. The left should stop their scare tactic, we are not on the verge of a political dictatorship and if there is one in Yisrael, it’s judicial, and, God forbid, there could be a military one if the opponents of the reform (the same people claiming to fight for democracy) continue to support soldiers (especially in the air force) using their position to pressure a political resolution. A move that is in flagrant contradiction with everything a democracy is supposed to represent.

This is also the reason why countries around the world and especially the Biden administration, grossly intrude in our internal affairs and tell us how the reform should be handled.

When Bibi went to the congress to ask them to oppose the Obama penned nuclear deal with Iran, the left and mainstream media had a meltdown over it whining about how Netanyahu dares meddle into US internal politics.

Yet he did not say to the congress, “I expect from you to vote in such a way.” He simply asked them to consider the negative impacts.

Not so with Biden and Blinken, they basically tell Bibi: “You MUST do this.” The nerve.

The hypocrisy and double standards of the left will never cease to amaze me.

It’s an open secret that the majority of the judges sitting on the Supreme Court are a bunch of bleeding heart leftists who are hardcore liberal activists.

I mean every single decision they ever passed, like ever, has resolutely served the left and never the right. Never once in decades even though since 1977, the right has pretty much been in power or part of a coalition non stop.

Placing bets on the way an Yisraeli Supreme Court decision will go is the safest thing there is. You cannot lose.

Therefore it’s pretty obvious that any US administration (but especially pro-‘palestinians’ like the Biden one) would not want to see more conservative or right-leaning judges on the Yisraeli Supreme Court. Imagine a surprise like Roe vs Wade but on the annexation of Judea Samaria. For most countries in the world, that would be a nightmare scenario.

Make no mistake, it’s not ‘saving Yisrael democracy’ which is at the root of the Yisraeli left and the Biden admin disgusting effort to overturn the will of the majority of voters in Yisrael, it’s the fear of having a Supreme Court that would not be a theological rubber stamp to the left’s ideals.

This is why the left in Yisrael, which is a majority of the mainstream media, academia, entertainment and judiciary, are so hellbent into stopping any reform. From their point of view, they’d have too much to loose. Yisrael would not be a country where shooting a terrorist in the head is a crime. Illegals would be kicked out, Judea Samaria would be Jewish land and the status of Jerusalem would not constantly be put in question.

To prevent this, they are more than willing to leave the de facto supreme executive power in the branch of the judiciary. A move that is simply the antithesis of democracy.

“If we curtail the gardians of democracy” they claim, “who will prevent us from becoming a dictature?”

To this I answer: “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” (roughly translated as: ‘Who will watch the watchmen’ or ‘Who will guard the guards’ in latin).

The left is constantly reminding everyone that we need a Supreme Court to watch over the politicians, but who watches over the Supreme Court?

No one because they do not want to be watched over and in a democracy, a true democracy, NO ONE can have this much unchecked power.

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