Steve Winston
Executive Director of the Zionist Federation of UK & Ireland

The Zionist Federation: Onwards and upwards!

The ZF's 'Solidarity with Israel' rally on 23rd May 2021, credit photographer Sharna Kotlowski

The Zionist Federation is 122 years old. When it was formed, Queen Victoria, Empress of India, still had two more years on the throne and Sunderland AFC were a dominant football force.

Having survived this long as the umbrella body for all UK Zionists, and with a track record of campaigning and cultural events celebrating Israel and Zionism, the Zionist Federation is determined to continue its path forward for the next one hundred years.

In the wake of new leadership being elected in the future and with the support of our superb Executive Director, Steve Winston, the current Zionist Federation is determined to ensure a strong, united, diverse and open body, able to advocate for Israel in the UK today, tomorrow and in a hundred years’ time.

We want the organisation that was handed the Balfour Declaration in 1917 to continue to be at the forefront of Israel advocacy. We are delighted with the support that we, as the current Zionist Federation steering committee have had from our National Council as we move forward.

As a Federation we represent the veritable broadband range of voices that encompass modern UK and Irish Zionism today. We are proud to be not just the ZF but the Zionist Federation of Great Britain. We no longer hide behind initials.

We may be small. We may be few in number but we are the Zionist Federation. For Israel. In the UK. Today. Tomorrow. Every day.

The ZF Hanhala

(Principal Honorary Officers Committee of the ZF National Council).

About the Author
Before studying architecture, Steve spent a year living in Israel doing Ulpan on kibbutz Ma’agan Michael where his love for Israel and Zionism grew, a passion which eventually brought him to the ZF. Steve is also an accomplished professional photographer and was previously short-listed for a Travel Photographer of the Year award for his life portraiture of people in the Old City of Jerusalem.
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