The Zionist’s Guide to the World Cup — Day 24

If this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium.  Well, not really.

The case against Belgium:

Approximately 60% of the Belgian Jewish community was annihilated in the Shoah.

Unlike most of his fellow western European monarchs, Leopold III, the then King of Belgium, stayed in his country during the German occupation.  Not only that, but he unconditionally surrendered his country to the Germans against the advice of his government and without informing his French and British allies in advance.  This sudden Belgian capitulation led directly to an unpleasant little weekend at Dunkirk.

During the war, Belgian fascists from the Walloon Legion of the SS and were among the most fanatical final defenders of the Third Reich in the ruins of Berlin in the spring of 1945.  Their leader, Leon Degrelle, escaped at the end of the war and was sentenced to death in absentia.  He fled to fascist Spain and lived there comfortably until his death in 1994.  Degrelle was unrepentant until the end and was never brought to justice.  Yemach sh’mo.

Paul De Man, one of the founders of Deconstructionism and a longtime professor of Yale, wrote Anti-Semitic articles in the Belgian press during World War II.  After the war, he tried to cover up his wartime deeds.

While Belgium is one of the leading forces within the EU to condemn the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, the Belgians are wide regarded as being the least humane of all of the inhumane European imperialists.  The Belgian occupation of the Congo was brutal.  Joseph Conrad saw it for himself, and The Heart of Darkness was as much a travelogue as it was a novel.

Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War, my tuchus.

The case against France:

Voltaire was French.  He is one of the leading progenitors of what can be considered left wing Anti-Semitism, i.e., not hatred of Jews as individuals, just hatred of Jewish communal institutions and associations.  Alfred Dreyfus was also French.  Apparently, he just was not sufficiently French.  Right wing Anti-Semitism, i.e., hatred of Jews in any arrangement, individually or collectively, sparked the Dreyfus Affair.  The Dreyfus Affair, in turn, crystallized the modern Zionist movement.

The modern Zionist movement is a good thing; the French just don’t get credit for it.

The French did elect Emmanuel Macron, and he is not so bad.  We will have to go with that.

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Doug Klein is an attorney in Chicago and the wrestling coach at Ida Crown Jewish Academy.
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