There is no justification for blood-soaked hands

Yesterday, to be more precise 20 years ago, two IDF soldiers Yossi Avrahami and Vadim Nurzhitz, accidently entered Ramallah, passing the checkpoint.

I am writing about one of probably most brutal murders.

Have you ever seen someone with blood on his hands showing it to crowd?
Aziz Salha did it.

It was blood of Yossi and Vadim.
It was not act of pride; it is act of being a coward.

Besides, we yearn for peace, but to conduct the peace we must remember the past.

Soldiers were overrun by an angry mob of Palestinians after being detained by Palestinian police.
Every year when I see post, articles about this topic, to be honest, I was never brave enough to write about it, because emotions were more intensive that ratio.

Nevertheless, reading on which way soldiers were murdered made me feeling horrific…
Moreover, I will never understand guy who proudly show blood on his arms to people.
Do you know how Yossi Avrahami and Vadim Nurzhitz were murdered?
Hence, it is important to say that they accidentally passed the checkpoint.
Therefore, they were stabbed, beaten, had their eyes gouged out, finally they were disemboweled.

Moreover, Aziz Salha appeared at the window displaying his blood-soaked hands to the crowd.
Crowd supported Salha, they were celebrating.

Is it a reason to celebrate?

Is it normal that someone shows up his blood/ soaked hands and the crowd cheers?

In addition, one the soldier’s body was thrown out the window, it was beaten, stamped by crowd.

Other body was set on fire.

I support the opinion that peace may come by education, by relevant information, but I do not have words for this horrific crime, there is no justification for people who were celebrating murder of this soldiers. I wonder, what happened with them? Are they in prison?

Mutilated bodies of Yossi Avrahami and Vadim Nurzhitz were dragged to Al-Manara Square where celebration started.

They celebrated one of the worst crimes in Israel/ Palestinian history.

It is important to mention that the lynch was not prevented by Palestinian police.

I hope that two heroes rest in Heaven, and every time I come to Jerusalem I wonder when peace will come.

Why there is so much hate?

Why Israelis and Palestinians cannot live in peace? As long as brutal murders are celebrating as victory, as long as rockets are lunched at Israel, I am afraid to say that peace won’t be conducted.

If you care for the true, share the story about these soldiers because many people do not know. For instance, I am sure that none knows about it in my country.

Please, do not be ignorant and do not support displaying blood-soaked hands.

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She loves to write and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She studies Art History and Theory.
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