There is no time like now

Brother! There is no time like now.
Make life-changing decisions.

Let’s go!

Those dreams you shelved? Dust them off, polish and bring them to life.
Ignite every sense and upload every talent. Dig deep, it’s all there.
Roar with a fierce focus.

Tap the truth. That real part of you. Ignore it no more.
Your truth in question? Trash the doubt, destroy it.
The faithful shepherd did not ask.
Viva Emet.

5780 our universe rearranged. A rebirth in dramatic fashion.
Yerida l’tzorech aliyah. The descent is solely to bring the ascent.
Gather my sister, hegi’ah z’man, the time has come.
Be better than you ever imagined. Be good to yourself.

Allow the tears to flow for what we have lost. It is unthinkable.
Good people departing alone. Sh’ma, viduy from afar.
The wisdom of age, pearls, ascend too quickly.
Turn the bitter into sweet victory. Do it for your soul, do it for your people.

Confined to dalet amot? B’seder, use it.
Pray your heart out, the Creator’s right hand rests upon you.
Tap in deep and then deeper. A door has opened to your soul. Free it.
It will soar, simply follow it. Go places you have never been before.

For me, Zion awaits. The Gold City.
Her light shines extreme. G-d, I yearn for the land, quench my thirst.
Her story belongs to my people. It belongs to me, I will write it.
The greatest chapter now awaits you, and me, it calls all beloved.

Soon, my friend, we will dance. Brother, we’re gonna dance like never before.
The ingathering, chaverim kol yisrael. Neighbours once confined to the four corners.
But freedom will reign. It has already begun.
Sweet sounds of the innocent. The harvest-flourish. The desert abloom

Partake my friend, what greater gift?
A land for the soul, for the people, our people. Ya’ala!
This is a time like no other. For us never before.
What’s next? Revelation, elevation. Atzmut. The real deal.

Lets Go, shout it from the rooftops.
The Creator shares our tears. It is He who awaits our embrace.
Leap closer, open your heart, your soul is already there.
The redemption is here. Believe it!

About the Author
Daniel has held various roles in Jewish organizations and, in between, pursues entrepreneurial and creative interests. He believes deeply in Jewish peoplehood.
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