There will be a reckoning!

Clear evidence is emerging, from the ruins around Kyiv, particularly in the town of Bucha, where the Ukrainian media report a massacre, of war crimes perpetrated by Russian soldiers. It is imperative scenes of murder are carefully documented in support of any action being brought against the Putin regime. He, no doubt, feels secure in the knowledge that the prospects of a success indictment and conviction are remote. The international community need to push, with all vigour, to bring this tyrant to book. Radovan Karadžić answered for his crimes, so why should Putin escape justice? Russia is a more powerful state than Serbia and Putin’s political and economic influence are far more significant than the former president of Serbia. However, with concerted effort and undeniable evidence of atrocities being committed by the Russian military, there is every chance Putin will face charges of war crimes.

Whatever the outcome of this terrible war, one thing is certain: ordinary people have lost their lives, homes and, potentially, their country. The suffering of the Ukrainian people continues, and Zelensky, mindful of the destruction wrought by Russia, continues to speak for his people, who are determined to fight to preserve their country. He has judged aright the mood of the people, displayed outstanding qualities of leadership, and compassion for the plight of the Ukraine. The West must intensify its support for the Ukraine; there are encouraging signs NATO is aware it must beef up its defence of member states, a clear warning to Putin.

Although the Ukrainian military has its hands full repelling Russian advances, and has shown remarkable tenacity in counter-attacks, it is by targeting Russian installations, inside Russia, that will prove most beneficial in forcing Putin to the negotiating table. There is no way Putin would have anticipated the possibility of Ukrainians taking the war to Russia. Special operation forces could be deployed inside Russia to damage that country’s ability to continue lying to its own people; Russian censored media news can work up to a point, in silencing the country’s population, but rumour of successful attacks on Russian infrastructure cannot easily be kept secret.

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Peter John Beyfus is an historian, published author, poet, and a person who prides himself on “thinking outside the box”. I have written many essays on Jewish themes, published in various journals, including ‘Wessex Jewish News’ and ‘Westminster Quarterly’, the magazine of Westminster Synagogue, London.
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