‘There’s no place like home’

“There’s no place like home”

These iconic words from The Wizard of Oz are known worldwide as the words that return Dorothy and Toto back to Kansas. Dorothy then wakes up from her dream and all is well in the world, she is surrounded by the people she holds so dear and most importantly she is home; and there is no place like it.

As I walk off the plane in chilly Montreal I am greeted by signs covered in french; “Bienvenue à Montréal’, the evergreen trees are not as big as I remembered and the sun isn’t as bright. I just wish I could go home and this isn’t it. My house is too big compared to the dorm room I am used too, and I  can’t remember how to be alone after living with others for the past 9 months, I don’t understand the concept of food with no oil and the thought of entering a school system with boys in it is so foreign after being surrounded by more than 100 girls all year. The site that I am greeted by when I return to what so many people like to call “home” is a far cry from it.

It is far from the bright sunny view that one is greeted by upon departing from a plane at Ben Gurion airport, the air is very clear and there is something special about this land and there is no adequate word in order to describe what that specialness is. When I think of this wonderful land, I want to come home, to simply be able to click my heels together and suddenly wake up in my bed in my home; Israel and find that it was all a dream and that I do in fact permanently live here.
Unfortunately that is not the case.

I am not permanently living in Israel right now, or making Aliyah at the moment, I am going back to a temporary home. And that is okay, I will make the best of it. After experiencing an amazing year and coming out of it on a high of learning and ארץ ישראל it is natural for me to think that there is nothing better; which happens to be the truth, however right now it is best for me to leave. It will be hard because there really is no place like home, a place where you feel totally comfortable and complete, at ease with yourself and really happy, there is no place like it. So I am going to go back, and do what I have to do, mature a bit, grow and learn a bit and then when the time is right I will be able to come back home, as a better version of Me.
“There is no place like home”

This iconic statement rings true for everyone, it is known as the moment that Dorothy gets to return to her home in Kansas and be surrounded by her family that she holds so dear. For those who can’t be in their Home just close your eyes and breath in the fresh Israel air, hear the hustle and bustle of the Machane Yehuda shuk or a busy street and transport yourself to your home. Although we may not be able to go back right now, we should know that it is always here, ours, and will welcome you and me with open arms when we are ready to return.

There’s no place like Israel, there’s no place like our home.

About the Author
Shira Perton was born in Houston Texas and is currently studying in Midreshet HaRova in the Old City of Jerusalem. She aspires to become a person of integrity who stands strong to her beliefs and morals.
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